ASMS Beta Club Attends State Convention

Beta 2

The ASMS Beta Club attended the State Beta Convention held April 10-11 at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center in Birmingham, Ala. A total 15 students attended the convention with club sponsor and ASMS librarian Angela Mollise.

“We competed in various art, talent, and scholastic competitions, met other Beta members from across the state, and voted for State Beta Club officers,” says ASMS Beta Club president and senior Jimmy Kim.

Competition results: 1st place math, 1st place sculpture, 1st place colored pencil drawing, 2nd place charcoal drawing, 2nd place watercolor drawing, 3rd place oil drawing, 3rd place creative writing, 4th place quiz bowl, and 4th place art sweepstakes

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ASMS Sophomore Plays in All-State White Band


ASMS sophomore Kenneth Davis (left) recently played the tuba in the All-State White Band. His mother and grandmother traveled with Davis to Huntsville for support.

ASMS sophomore Kenneth Davis traveled to Huntsville, Ala., to play the tuba in 2014 Alabama All-State Band. On Thursday, April 10, all musicians tried out for a placement within the All-State Junior, Blue, White, or Red Band.

“I placed in six out of eight in White Band,” Davis says. “Later that day we practiced for about four hours. Then the next day we practiced for about 10 hours. We were perfecting five pieces, three of which were composed by White Band director, Samuel Hazo. Finally, on Saturday, we practiced for 40 minutes before the concert.

“During the concert, it was the most amazing thing. The four bands were awesome, but how can I not have favoritism over White Band. We had the greatest time, and I got to meet a famous director, Samuel Hazo, old and new friends, and did what I love doing best, making music.”

Davis did not know if he would be able to prepare for All-State when he decided to attend ASMS this fall. ASMS band director Tim Grabill has worked with Davis during the past months to insure his success.

“I am gratefully for Mr. Grabill in taking care of the preparations in order to go to All-State and for helping me with my music before tryouts,” Davis says. “I was really scared when I came to ASMS because I didn’t think I would have time to practice for All-State here. I was really excited when I actually found time to practice my pieces.”

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ASMS Science Olympiad Team Competes at State Competition

DSCN0713Congratulations to the ASMS Science Olympiad Team who recently competed in the State High School Division “C” event Saturday, April 12 at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Ala.  The team won one gold, two silver and two bronze medals among the 22 separate events. Overall, the team was ranked 8th. Last year, the team finished 13th.

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Ambassadors Volunteer at Local Charity Tennis Tournament

AmbassadorsSeveral ASMS ambassadors volunteered at a local tennis charity tournament held Saturday, April 12. The event raised over $80,000 for Mobile’s Child Advocacy Center, a community program for victims of child abuse.

“I had so much fun today,” says ASMS junior ambassador Amelia Hass. “Everyone who volunteered at the event were so much fun to work with, and knowing that we were helping a great cause really made it all worthwhile.”

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2014-2015 RLST Selected

DSC_0018The Department of Student Services recently selected the 2014-2015 ASMS Residential Life Support Team (RLST).

“This year we have expanded the RLST program to include more students,” says ASMS President-Elect and Director of Student Services Dr. Monica Motley. “I am most excited about the ideas and activities the new members want to implement for the upcoming year.”

RLSTs are trained listeners and mediators for students on their hall. They assist students in adjusting to life at ASMS and in dealing with roommate conflict. RLSTs help hall staff monitor bathroom duty and plan activities for their hall. They also help promote hall spirit and a sense of harmony and community throughout the dorms.

“The RLSTs play such a crucial role in helping students to transition to our ASMS community,” Motely says. “New students often struggle with issues, such as homesickness. RLSTs help students to develop hall pride and feel connected to the school through a variety of activities.”

The following students were selected for the team:

(Boys) Takreem Aziz, Max Brazelton, Kenneth Davis, Lorenzo Gapud, Patrick Headrick, Kristian Jordan, Matthew Kang, Brandon Pham, Jon Shirley, Daniel Tyler, Kendyl Waddell, and Rohit Yalamati.

(Girls) Reagen Andersen, Kayla Bell, Katie Birchfield, Elizabeth Blewitt, Deja Bryant, Kaylee Cort, Courtney Daniel, Chibuzo Harbor, Leanna Hamilton, Cassidee Jones, Inaya Molina, Joanna Schmidt, Emily Shields, Anna Tankersley, BreAunna Tucker, Dionna Walker, and Averi Warren.

RLST students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and recommendations from the ASMS community. The selection process includes a written application, an individual interview, and a group interview.

Here’s what a few new members had to say about being selected for the team:

Sophomore Raegan Anderson - “I became a RLST member because I wanted to work with the people on my hall and be the person that everyone feels comfortable going to talk to. I want to be able to organize hall events that everyone will like, and I liked the responsibility that comes with being an RLST.”

Sophomore Kenneth Davis – “I am excited to be an RLST because I get to be a part of an important position in our school and I can make a difference for other people’s living experience. To do this means a lot to me since I have a love for helping others. Therefore, this is the perfect job for me.”

Junior Jon Shirley – “I’m excited to be an RLST because it gives me an opportunity to give back to the ASMS community. I can help people while also bringing them together with our hall.”

Junior Katie Birchfield – “I am very excited about being an RLST. They really bring the social side of the campus alive with hall events and turning a hall into a family. It means the world to me to be able to welcome students and help create a family away from home kind of atmosphere.”

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