ASMS Dragon Drawdown

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Be sure to mark your calendars and save the date for the 2016 ASMS Parent Association Dragon Drawdown! This year’s event will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2016 once again at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church! We hope you will make plans to attend Drawdown and enjoy a great evening for a great cause!!


As 280 ticket numbers were “drawn down” on a large video screen, ASMS community members mingled, bid on silent auction items, and listened to live music performed by local musician Ryan Balthrop at the 2015 Parent Association sponsored Dragon Drawdown, held at the Greek Orthodox Church Hellenic Center on Friday, Nov. 6. In the end, more than $43,000 was raised for the ASMS 2015-2016 Wish List.

Of this amount, more than $7,300 was raised through the silent auction, which can be attributed to the hard work of Silent Auction Coordinator Bev Spicknall, as well as many ASMS parents, faculty, and staff who contributed items to make the silent auction a success. Special recognition goes to ASMS parent Jodi Frazier, who was able to arrange a very generous one-week vacation condo rental in Panama City Beach by donor and condo owner James Weber.

When the last five ticket numbers remained on the board, all five holders decided to split the $5,000 pot evenly, with two winners offering to donate their earnings back to the school. The 2015 Drawdown Winners are: Justin and Kristi Atwell, Dr. and Mrs. Tai Bolaji, Second Chance Ticket #151: Hope Buchi, David Schutz, and David Tufts.

The Dragon Drawdown was sponsored by Island Orthodontics, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Andree’s Catering, Drs. Michael Houston and Barbara O’Brien, Dr. Stephen Wyble and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shirley and Davis Family Medicine.

Special thanks and recognition to the following Alumni Sponsors: Eileen Beardsley, Class of 2000; Adam Belsches, Class of 2000; Sarah Brewer, Class of 2000; John de la Parra, Class of 1998; Paul Stuart and Joni Esser-Stuart on behalf of Rebecca Esser-Stuart Class of 2009; Sally FitzMaurice, Class of 1996; Tom Fouts on behalf of Landis Fouts, Class of 2003; Shelley and Galen Grider on behalf of Amelia and Zachary Grider, Class of 2014; Matthew Griffith, Class of 1993; May Hoang, on behalf of Feng Li, Class of 2014; Joe and Mary Howard, Parents of ASMS graduates, Katie (2011) and Ryan Howard (2015); Charlie and Penny Huffman on behalf of Lauren Huffman, Class of 2009; Tyler Lahti & Rebecca Esser-Stuart, Class of 2009; James Leeper on behalf of Evonne Leeper Thompson, Class of 1998; Natalie McLean Jones, Class of 1993; Kimberly Muse, Class of 1994; John Prince and Lakur Yu on behalf of Michael Prince, Class of 2015; Andrea Sibley, Class of 2015; Jillian Van Ells, Class of 1995; Ian Volek, Class of 2000; Mark Wall, Class of 1994; and Mandy Davis Wisdom, Class of 2000.

A very special thanks to all Parent Association volunteers who worked to make everything come together the day of the event, including: Parent Association Co-Chair, Dottie Barker, Darren and Kris O’Donnell, Debby Little, Kelly Couch, Janiece Tarver, Beverly and Mark Spicknall, Tanny McMillian, Mimi Brooks and Michelle Fetterhoff.

“This year’s Dragon Drawdown is the most successful and profitable in the history of the event,” says ASMS Development Coordinator Cyndy Baggett. “Success of this magnitude is only possible through the collective efforts of our ASMS parents, alumni, faculty, staff and community supporters. It is truly rewarding and so exciting to see the months of planning and hard work result in this type of profit for ASMS Faculty, Staff and students.”

“A big highlight of the evening was the participation by ASMS Ambassadors whose bright, shining, and enthusiastic faces served as a delightful reminder of who the event benefits,” Baggett says. “Ambassadors who volunteered their Friday night to help with Drawdown assisted with second chance ticket sales, silent auction maintenance, food preparation in the kitchen, as well as greeting guests as they arrived.”

Ambassador volunteers included: Selina Malone, Caroline Cort, Maria Trifas, Anna Wright, Christopher Boyle, Gem Santiago, Emily Shields, Brandon Brooks, Lyndsey Tarver, Messiah Williams, Cheyenne Miranda, Ja’Nea James, Jessica Brandon, Bria Walker, Roy Pankey, Dominique Williams, Meghan Liskey, Rohit Yalamati, Kenneth Davis, Reagan Anderson, and Gustavo Capo.