Quick Facts

  • Cost: $0 (tuition, room, books, and board are free; students only pay an activity fee, which covers non-academic and student-centered events and items like the yearbook, class trips, prom, winter formal, and Geekfest).
  • ¬†Since 2000, ASMS grads have earned nearly $150 million in merit-based scholarships.
  • 100 percent of ASMS grads are accepted to college.
  • The average composite ACT score for graduating seniors in 2012 was 28.4.
  • More than half of our faculty members hold a doctoral or terminal degree; all have earned at least a master’s degree.
  • The average class size is 17 students.
  • Students have represented all 67 Alabama counties during the school’s history.
  • ASMS has enrolled 132 National Merit Finalists since 1993.
  • Operating Budget: $6.5 million
  • National Ranking: “Third best school in Alabama” according to Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and one of the top 200 high schools in the nation (out of roughly 26,000 high schools).
  • Economic Impact: A recent economic impact study revealed that ASMS generates nearly $7 million dollars for the City of Mobile and the State of Alabama.

Admissions FAQ

Is there computer/Internet access? 
We offer computer labs and free Wi-Fi access throughout the campus.

What are dorm rooms like?
Each room houses two students. Rooms are furnished with an extra-long twin bed, nightstand, dresser, chair, desk, and lamp for each student. Residence halls have community bathrooms on each floor.

What are the curfews?
During school nights, residents must be in their dorm by 9:00 PM and in bed by midnight. On weekends, students must be in their dorm room by midnight and in bed by 1:00 AM.

Is there transportation?
Yes, the ASMS staff will transport students to important appointments and social activities, including van runs to shopping centers.

Is there a dress code?
Although students do not wear uniforms, offensive or revealing outfits are prohibited.

Are there local churches students can attend?
Yes, some within walking distance, others provide rides.

Can students go home?
Students have one or two required weekends on campus. Students may check out all other weekends.

What about food?
Three well-balanced meals are provided in the cafeteria each day. Snack machines are located throughout the campus. Refrigerators are allowed in dorm rooms. Dorms also have microwaves.

Is there a laundry facility?
Yes, it is on the first floor of the Administration building and wash/dry services are FREE.

What’s the average class size?
The average class size is 17 students.

What is the cost of attending ASMS?
Cost: $0 for room and board, books, and tuition. Students pay an activity fee which covers non-academic and student-centered events and items like the yearbook, class trips, prom, winter formal, and Geekfest. For special events, students may pay a deposit. Students pay a graduation fee and PSAT fee. See Financial Affairs letter for current fee charges.

Is there study hall?
Yes, there is a required study hall for all new students.