Mission Statement

The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science’s mission is to provide academically motivated Alabama students with exceptional preparation in the fields of math and science, empowering them to improve their community, state, and nation.

Our Beliefs and Values

Safe, Caring & Nurturing Environment
A quality learning environment provides for the physical, social and emotional development of students. We strive to provide this in a caring, nurturing environment that is safe and secure.

Trust, Honor, Integrity and Respect
Trust, honor, integrity and respect for others with diverse backgrounds define the character and good health of the ASMS community. The interpersonal relationships of students, staff and faculty shall be based on these attributes of ethical behavior. Our Honor Code shall be consistently upheld.

Acting responsibly means not only accepting the consequences for what we do, but also for what we do not do. Our actions, or in some cases, our inactions, impact others in our community.

We will strive to make decisions in an equitable manner. It is not fair to discriminate within the community or to handle situations in a manner that is not consistent.

At the very heart of ethical behavior is our compassion and concern for others. We care about other members of the ASMS and greater community. We demonstrate that caring with kindness and empathy as we actively seek opportunities for community service.

Being a good citizen means basically playing by the rules and obeying the law. Along with the privilege of attending ASMS comes the expectation that all community members will abide by the policies and rules of ASMS as represented in the Community Standards Handbook.

Creativity and Life-Long Learning
We endeavor to provide an environment that fosters the human spirit, the creativity and the imagination of our talented students. We hope to inspire our students to continue their intellectual development through self-directed life-long learning and to continuously expand the realm of the possible.

Honor Code
A working school honor code is predicated not only upon widespread honorable intent within the school community, but also upon clear understanding of the parameters of the code and consistent application of and attention to the code itself. In short, in order to be effective, it must be understood and utilized. Attention is given to introducing all members of the school community to the expectation of honor and to the use and functioning of an honor code as a tool in the development of individual character. ASMS recognizes that our goal is to graduate students who conduct themselves honorably, and that this goal is often achieved through a process of trial and error. Accordingly, honor infractions are viewed within a spectrum of first-time and multiple offenses. For a more detailed explanation of this see Infra, Section VI. Code of Student Conduct.