Alabama DHR/Mandatory Reporting Policy

All ASMS employees are mandatory reporters required by law to report suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation. When an ASMS student is known or suspected to be a victim of child abuse or neglect, the mandatory reporter is required to report orally by telephone or direct communication immediately, followed by a written report to a duly constituted authority. The person who has direct knowledge of or suspicion of abuse or neglect must be the one to make the report.

The “duly constituted authority” refers to any law enforcement officer (such as a sheriff or police officer), or the DHR office in the county where the abuse is taking place or in the county of the child’s residence. In the case of an immediate emergency, 911 is an appropriate authority to notify. When the initial report is made to a law enforcement official, that law enforcement official must notify DHR, and likewise, when the initial report is made to DHR, the DHR official must notify law enforcement.

Information to include in a report

  • The name and age of the student
  • Current location of the student
  • County of residence
  • Extent of injuries or information that led to knowledge of or suspicious event that led to report
  • Address of student and parents or guardian

The Department of Human Resources provides forms: Written Report of Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (DHR-FCS-1593) for making reports of suspected child abuse and/or neglect (CAN). Mandatory reporters are required to make written reports and should use forms available through the county and state offices of the Department of Human Resources. Forms are available at the Alabama Department of Human Resources, 334-242-9500 or at Ref: Alabama Code 26-14-3, Mandatory Reporting in Alabama