Reporting Responsibilities

Members of the Campus Community and Visitors
All members of the campus community and visitors are encouraged to be alert to the possibility of violence by anyone on campus. They should place safety as a basic concern, and should report all acts of violence, threats of violence and disruptive or disturbing behavior to the ASMS Security Office, President’s Office, Office of Human Resources, or Office of Student Affairs. Employees off campus should notify local police departments by dialing “911.” ASMS will institute disciplinary action as appropriate and will follow up with victims and any witnesses to an incident of campus violence, preserving, to the extent required by law or policy, the privacy interests of those involved.

Reporting Workplace Violence
All faculty and staff members must contact Human Resources when they learn of a violent or potentially violent situation. Students are strongly encouraged to let an adult on campus know when they learn of a violent or potentially violent situation. Immediate threats or perceived potential threats of violence will be reported to the police.

Data to be Reported
The information to be reported should include the following information, if known:

  • Name of threat maker and his/her relationship to the department or victim
  • Name(s) of the victim(s) or potential victim(s)
  • When and where the incident/threat occurred
  • What happened immediately prior to the incident
  • What past events may have triggered the incident
  • The language contained in the threat
  • Physical conduct that would substantiate an intention to follow through with a threat
  • How the threat maker appeared or acted physically and emotionally
  • Name(s) of others involved and any action(s) that were taken
  • How the incident ended or was resolved
  • Name(s) of witnesses not directly involved
  • What happened to the threat maker after the incident?
  • Name(s) of supervisory staff involved and how they responded before, during, and after the incident
  • Any preliminary steps which have been taken to ensure that the threat will not be carried out
  • Suggestions from staff or others involved on how this specific incident could be prevented in the future

Additional Procedure for Protective or Restraining Orders
Members of the campus community who apply for or obtain a protective or restraining order which lists ASMS locations as being protected areas, should provide ASMS with a copy of any temporary protective or restraining order which is granted and a copy of any protective or restraining order which is made permanent. Employees should inform their supervisors of such orders.

All reports made under this Policy will be handled in a confidential manner, with information released to the appropriate ASMS office only on a need-to-know basis. FERPA and HIPAA guidelines will govern the treatment of reporting information and records.

Retaliation Prohibited
ASMS prohibits retaliation against or harassment of individuals who act in good faith by reporting real or perceived violent behavior or violations of this Policy. Any member of the campus community who is found to have retaliated against another in violation of this Policy is subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal, under the school’s applicable disciplinary policies.

Filing of False or Misleading Reports
ASMS prohibits individuals from making deliberately false or misleading reports of violence or threats of violence under this Policy. Individuals who make such reports will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.