The small class sizes at ASMS encourage in-depth learning, thoughtful discussions, and close interactions with our distinguished faculty.

The academic year is divided into three terms, each lasting 11 weeks. Students enroll in a minimum of five academic courses per term. Although classes convene every day of the week, individual courses only meet four days per week for 55 minutes each day, allowing for labs to run longer on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

All science classes meet an additional two hours per week for labs. Students earn 0.5 credit for each course completed. In Advanced Placement (AP) courses, students enroll for all three terms. Students must successfully complete 27.5 Carnegie units to satisfy graduation requirements.

Students are also given the opportunity to earn college credit accepted by many institutions, including the University of South Alabama, the University of Alabama, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, among others.

ASMS students typically raise their ACT scores by 4-6 points – or more – before they graduate. They tend to score well on the ACT test because it measures what students have learned during high school. A high ACT score dramatically increases a student’s chance of attracting college scholarship offerings.

Here is a sampling of advanced courses offered at ASMS: Human Genetics, Field Botany, Organic Chemistry, Astronomy, Multivariable Calculus, The Dystopian Novel, Mechanical Engineering, Creative Writing, Advanced Prose Writing, American Pop Culture, Graphic Design, Print Making, Photography, Number Theory, Zoology, Comic Book Heroes and History, Ornithology, American Jazz & Musical Theater, Inorganic Chemistry, Aerodynamics, Advanced German, Advanced Spanish, Advanced French, Java, C++, Biochemistry, World War II, and American Minority Relations.

AP courses offered: American History, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science A, English Literature & Composition, Environmental Science, Physics B, Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism and Mechanics), and Studio Art (2-D Design, 3-D Design, and Drawing).