Graduation Requirements
1.5 CU graduation requirement. Minimum of 0.5 CU completed at ASMS. All students are required to complete either the entire AP Chemistry sequence, or General Chemistry 1 & 2 followed by at least one 0.5 CU chemistry elective. Entering sophomores with no previous chemistry credit are required to take Introductory Chemistry before any other chemistry course. For students entering with a chemistry credit, a placement exam will be used to evaluate the appropriate starting level in the ASMS chemistry courses. Introductory Chemistry carries general elective credit and does not satisfy the 1.5 CU chemistry requirement.

Concentration/Distinction Requirements
The Chemistry Department of the Alabama School of Math & Science encourages students to reach beyond the limitations of the classroom to explore new concepts, to seek out new challenges and to boldly go where no student has gone before. In support of this mission, the Chemistry Department offers elective courses in a variety of areas and will guide students who wish to take the opportunity to generate their own Directed Research projects.

Students who complete the elective courses/DRs with an A or B grade may be awarded either a Concentration or Distinction in chemistry to accompany their diploma on graduation day.

To be awarded a Concentration in Chemistry, the student must:
-complete 3 elective courses beyond the three term chemistry requirement.
To be awarded a Distinction in Chemistry, the student must:
-complete 6 elective courses beyond the three term chemistry requirement, or
-complete 5 elective courses and one 0.5 credit DR, or
-complete 4 elective courses and two 0.5 credit DRs.