Computer Science

Jeanne Croom
M.B.A., University of South Alabama
Office: S206
Phone:251. 441.2168

Grey Gaillard
M.S., University of South Alabama
Office: S202
Phone:251. 441.2168

Neural network programs used in artificial intelligence are available to students that have taken Advanced Placement Computer Science. Students can learn about computational linguistics by, for example, simulating portions of the play Hamlet. Opportunities are available to students to create animations that can be used to reverse engineer and rearrange a class of problems. Outreach programs such as tutoring or supporting the homeless are sponsored giving students opportunities to serve the community.

Graduation Requirements
Introduction to Computational Science must be completed at ASMS. This course is generally completed during the first year of enrollment at ASMS.

Concentration/Distinction Requirements
For a Concentration, a student must complete Advanced Placement Computer Science I, Advanced Placement Computer Science II, and Advanced Placement Computer Science III. The prerequisites for the Advanced Placement sequence are Java I, Java II, and Java III.

For a Distinction, a student must complete the requirements for a Concentration and take three Directed Reading courses in Computer Science.

All grades in Computer Science courses must be B or higher.