Directed Study

Directed Reading

Directed Reading is a course of readings on a given topic undertaken with the permission of the instructor, intended for students who seek a deeper knowledge of the subject. Credit is elective and may vary, from .25 CU or more. Meetings are at the instructor’s discretion.

Directed Research

Directed Research is a course involving intensive investigation of a topic or subject, taken under the auspices of a faculty member who mentors a student’s research. This work customarily involves a variable number of contact hours and will often result in a major paper or article, detailing the results of the investigation that has been undertaken. Credit is elective and may vary, from .25 CU or more.

Note: Directed Reading and Directed Research may not be substituted for the five academic courses that every student is required to take each term, nor may it replace grade 9 or 10 missing units of credit.

Example courses: Crystallography, Ornithology, Pyrotechnics, Firewire, Problem Solving, Boolean Algebra, Topology, Mathematical Origami