Daniel Commander
M.A., University of South Alabama
B.A., University of Alabama
Research Interests:
Office: H108

ASMS publishes Oculus (creative writing journal) and Firewire (student newspaper), and provides a peer-staffed writing lab for students seeking help with papers.

Graduation Requirements
4.0 CU graduation requirement, including courses taken at home high school. Minimum of 1.0 CU completed during each year of enrollment. English 101, 201 and 202 required of all graduates, plus one .5 CU elective. English 91 and 92 required of entering Sophomores.

Concentration/Distinction Requirements:
For a Concentration in English, a student must complete three (3) electives (1.5 CU) in English

For a Distinction in English, a student must complete six (6) electives (3 CU) in English.

For a concentration in Women’s Studies, students must complete three out of four course offerings: EN 227 Ancient Women, EN 205 Medieval Women, HS 214 Renaissance Women, and Victorian Women.

For both Concentration and Distinction, the following requirements and restrictions apply.

All grades in all English courses must be B or higher, and the overall English GPA must be 3.6 or higher.

No course except for a Directed Reading may count more than once (0.5 CU max), and a Directed Reading may count no more than three times (0.75 CU max).

Courses not listed as “English” do not count toward a concentration or distinction in English