Fine and Performing Arts

The ASMS Performing Arts department hosts the following musical ensembles: Concert Choir, Lamda Singers, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Garage Band, and string and woodwind ensembles. The various ensembles perform for Parent Day, Preview Day, various school assemblies and present winter and spring concerts. Student may elect to audition for the Alabama All State Band and Choral Festivals and participate in the Alabama Music Educator’s Solo and Ensemble evaluation program. Students may also audition for the Mobile Youth Symphony.

Students wishing to continue private piano or instrumental lessons may contract individually with area teachers who come to the school on given days. The cost of lessons is not included in the ASMS fees and payment arrangements are made directly with the teacher. See Department Head for detailed information and help.

Graduation Requirements
AR201 Survey of Art and MU202 Survey of Music satisfy the 0.5 CU Survey of the Arts graduation requirement and must be taken during the senior year. All students must take at least 0.5 CU of art or music at ASMS. Entering sophomores must complete 0.5 CU of either art or music during the sophomore year as a general elective credit.

Concentration/Distinction Requirements:
A concentration in Visual Art requires AP Art 1-3 AR331, 332, 333. A distinction in Visual Art requires in addition to the AP Art sequence: Survey of Art, Graphic Design, and Completion of the AP Exam.

Students wishing to earn a concentration or concentration with distinction in music or the performing arts must meet with the head of the Music Department no later than the beginning of Spring term their Sophomore or Junior year to declare their interest and verify the required courses.

Concentrations in music may be earned through either an instrumental or vocal track. Basic course requirements for both are:
1. Participation for two terms Sophomore (if applicable), Junior and Senior years in an ASMS band or choral ensemble or two terms of guitar class
2. Survey of Music.

Students who play in the Mobile Youth Symphony or study instruments privately with teachers outside of school may use these activities to meet the performance group requirement with approval from the Music Department Head. The credits earned for participating in the required ASMS ensembles would be credited to the concentration and concentration with distinction.

Courses required for a Concentration in Instrumental or Vocal Music are Beginning Theory: Parts 1 & 2 for 1 CU. The remaining .5 CU may be earned with Voice (.25 CU), or additional terms in the required band or choral ensemble (.25 CU).

A Concentration with Distinction in Vocal Music is earned by completing two of the following .5 CU courses. Directed Study in the Physiology of the Voice and Vocal Literature for .5 CU, Theatre Arts I (.5 CU), Theatre Arts II (.5CU), or The Development of Jazz and the American Musical Theatre (.5CU) The remaining .5 CU may be satisfied with a combination of any of the following: additional terms in a choral ensemble (.25 CU), Voice (.25 CU), or enrollment is a second choral ensemble (.25 CU)

A Concentration with Distinction in Instrumental Music is earned by enrollment in a second ASMS band ensemble for four terms (.25 CU per term) and .5CU’s one of the following: Directed Study in Theory and Composition (.5 CU), or The Development of Jazz and the American Musical Theatre (.5 CU)

A Concentration with Distinction in the Performing Arts is designed for the student who wishes to pursue advanced study in music and theatre. After completing a concentration in either vocal or instrumental music students must complete Theatre Arts I (.5 CU), and Theatre Arts II (.5 CU). The additional .5 CU’s may be earned by an additional term of Theatre Arts II (.5 CU), The Development of Jazz and the American Musical Theatre (.5 CU) or any combination of the following .25 CU courses: Voice, or participation in a second ASMS band or choral ensemble.