Graduation Requirements
1.5 CU graduation requirement. Minimum of 0.5 CU taken at ASMS. All students are required to complete an entire Honors Physics, AP Physics B, or AP Physics C sequence at ASMS unless credit for a previous physics course is accepted by ASMS. Entering sophomores with no previous physics credit are required to take Introduction to Physics before any other physics course. Incoming juniors may also be advised to take Introduction to Physics at the discretion of ASMS. Introduction to Physics carries general elective credit and does not satisfy the 1.5 CU physics requirement.

Concentration/Distinction Requirements:
Concentrations in physics:

Concentrations in physics are awarded to students who complete three courses beyond the graduation requirement (excluding PH090 Introduction to Physics). The Physics Department is given the latitude of determining the courses that are appropriate for the concentration. Concentrations are designed to allow students to pursue an advanced plan of study primarily during their senior year; however, coursework may begin as early as the junior year. Students applying for a concentration must:

      1. complete all required courses in physics with a grade of ‘A’ or ‘B’, and
      2. complete three (3) approved courses in physics (1.5 CU’s) with a grade of ‘A’ or ‘B’.


Students who successfully complete the above criteria are awarded a seal on their diploma signifying completion of the concentration. The final transcript will indicate the area(s) of concentration.

Concentrations with distinction in physics:

Students who complete a concentration have the option of taking three additional courses (1.5 CU’s) of advanced study in physics, which may or may not include independent study/research. The additional coursework must be approved by a faculty sponsor. By successfully completing these additional requirements with a 3.5 GPA, the student merits distinction in physics, which will also appear on the diploma and transcript.