Special Projects

At ASMS, after all winter term classes are over, the entire campus participates in a special projects week. This is a week of in depth study in a certain subject of the students choosing. Some special projects stay on the ASMS campus, and some leave the state or even the country! In recent years, there have been special project trips taken to New York City, Puerto Rico, China, Costa Rica, and Berlin. We have a Paris-Provence Trip coming up! On-campus projects have included Game Theory, Creative Photoshop, Web Design, Trebuchet, and Creative Writing Workshop.

Special Projects is an opportunity to engage in academic, experimental and experiential projects on a variety of topics, under the sponsorship of individual faculty members. The list of topics changes each year and includes a balance of on- and off-campus offerings. The usual duration of a Special Project is five class days but may be longer. Each student must participate in a Special Project each year. Grading is on a pass/fail basis; successful completion will earn .25 CU.

Special Projects Booklet – Spring 2017