Technology in the Classroom

ASMS has made meaningful strides in integrating technology into the instructional process, as well as the global campus administration and operation process. In the past three years, the inclusion of classroom technology has jumped from 45% to 78% of all ASMS classrooms. Students have access to five computer labs: the Library, two in the Science Building, and two in the Humanities Building.

ASMS strives to ensure that every student who is enrolled has access to computers either in the classroom, library, or media labs. Laptops are also available for students to “check-out” at the beginning of each term. Ensuring the students’ academic and personal success as well as safety on campus is paramount to the ASMS mission.

Campus-wide wi-fi access is available as well as the high-speed campus network.

There is no specific computer requirement for students, but students will need the following capabilities: word processing, web browsing, presentation development. Students enrolling in graphic design or computer science classes may benefit from additional software, but everything is available on the campus computers.