Campus Life

ASMS offers a comprehensive Residential Life program. While it is expected that ASMS students work hard, we expect them to play hard, too.

Extracurricular activities include: Goofy Olympics, Spirit Week, Geekfest, movies, Senior Bowl, Stress Fest, Laser Tab, on-campus swimming, intramural sports, restaurant trips, Winter Formal, shopping mall runs, Ultimate Frisbee, Prom, beach volleyball, weight lifting, dorm competitions, and much more. ASMS also offers a large fitness facility filled with new equipment for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many of these activities are sponsored and organized by the Student Government Association, thus, students play a chief role in planning their own fun.


Students can discover and develop artistic talents


Basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, and tennis

Clubs & Activities

ASMS clubs & activities represent a variety of interests

Dorm Life

Live among students who share a passion for learning

Community Involvement

Access to volunteer and leadership opportunities

Campus Map

Campus is a safe and private community for students