Dorm Life

One of the greatest benefits ASMS offers is the opportunity to live among students who share a passion for learning. All students live in spacious dormitories under the supervision of a professional staff trained to work with students to build self-esteem, reduce stress, increase self-awareness, develop communication skills, manage time, and clarify goals and values. In the long run, our students learn life skills that make the transition to college seamless.

Although adult Hall Advisors and Residential Assistants live in the dorms and mentor our students, we also have a Resident Life Support Team of students who are trained listeners and mediators. They assist students in adjusting to life at ASMS and in dealing with roommate conflict. RLSTs help hall staff monitor bathroom duty and plan activities for their hall. They also help promote hall spirit and a sense of harmony and community throughout the dorms.

Each of the four halls in the Boys’ Dorm and the Girls’ Dorm are named after famous scientists: Curie, DaVinci, Einstein, and Newton. These halls also comprise teams in hall competitions that happen throughout the school year. At the end of the year, the hall that has accumulated the most points wins the hall competition.

Girl's Dorm

The girls’ dorm is a four-story building with eight halls and eight spacious, newly renovated community bathrooms. Each floor has a common area that features comfy furniture, flat-panel TVs, kitchenettes, and other comfortable amenities. All rooms accommodate two students and feature two beds, two armoires, two nightstands, and two desks. Students enjoy the privilege of decorating their own dorm rooms. Refrigerators are permitted. Furthermore, there is an honors dorm for girls on the fourth floor of the Humanities Building which houses up to 16 girls who apply to live there after their first year on campus. It’s a little quieter than the regular dorm.

Boy's Dorm

The boys’ dorm is a two-story building with four hallways. Each room accommodates two students and features two beds, two armoires, two nightstands, and two desks. There are also two large common lounges with kitchens on each floor. This area is accessible during certain hours of each day. There are also large, newly renovated community bathrooms on each floor.