Student Health

ASMS Nurse

The nurse’s office is open Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Students can visit the nurse if they are feeling unwell, need medication, or have other medical concerns. If a student requires medical assistance outside of those hours they can visit one of the hall staff on duty. Parents can reach the nurse by contacting her by email or phone.

If a student is taken to urgent care or the emergency room, the family will receive a phone call from the nurse or hall staff.

Health Emergencies

ASMS hall staff are trained to assess medical situations and respond in a timely manner to ensure the best care for ASMS students (all are CPR/AED- and first aid-certified). An AED is located in each building on campus. If a student becomes quickly and/or severely ill, the nurse or hall staff will assess the situation to determine if it warrants an immediate trip to the emergency room or if the nurse should be contacted for further instructions. When the nurse is off campus and a student is in need of medical attention but not emergency care, a hall staff member will transport the student to urgent care. If a student has to travel to the emergency room, a parent or guardian must meet them there immediately. In either case, the student’s family will be contacted.

Flu Shots

The Mobile County Health Department offers the flu shot to ASMS students, faculty, and staff each fall. ASMS highly recommends students to receive the flu shot each year.

Handling Prescription, Over-the-Counter Medicines

Prescription medications are turned into the nurse upon arrival to campus. Parents and students can arrange an appropriate time for the student to visit the nurse to receive the medication if needed. All prescription medications must be accompanied by a Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form and without the form, medications cannot be brought on campus. Self-administration is allowed if permitted by a physician. Physician must indicate this on the authorization form. Students may keep over-the-counter medications in their rooms, but students have to sign a form stating they will take medications as directed and not administer to other students. If your student needs over-the-counter medicine but does not have any, they can visit hall staff or the nurse at any time.

Dentist and Orthodontist Appointments

We encourage students to schedule dental appointments, orthodontist appointments, routine check-ups, etc., when they are home over breaks and extended weekends. However, ASMS can provide transportation for such appointments if students must be seen locally. ASMS can also transport students for physical therapy, allergy, and counseling/therapy appointments. Transportation for those appointments can be scheduled through Student Services, depending on the nature of the appointment. Transportation for appointments should be scheduled well in advance of the appointment time and date. Parents must schedule the off-campus appointment and ASMS will provide transportation.

Medical Forms

All medical forms are accessible through the Parent Dashboard and must be submitted annually by the directed deadline.

Bringing Sick Students Home

If students are requested to be at home during their time of sickness, students must check-in with nurse and provide any documentation from physician visit upon arrival back to campus. The nurse will notify administration and instructors of any excused absences. It is the student’s responsibility to follow-up with instructors regarding any missed assignments.