The Alabama School of Math and Science has dedicated personnel, time, and resources to the reopening our campus, so that we can provide the safest, high quality educational environment for our students, faculty, and staff members. ASMS established a COVID-19 Task Force to meet our goals using strategies of all kinds: testing measures, enhanced cleaning, classroom procedures, housing policies, security and wellness programs, and more.

ASMS is continuing to review the guidelines released by health officials. Conditions are changing rapidly, and we acknowledge that there is no perfect solution or perfect plan to appease all community members. However, we have done our absolute best through prioritizing our community’s greatest asset – our people. In the months ahead, we ask for grace, patience, and flexibility from all community members as together we navigate this different and likely very challenging school year.

ASMS COVID-19 Plan 2020-2021 School Year

On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, President John Hoyle shared an important update about the ASMS COVID-19 plan that outlines how we will operate for 2020-2021 school year. The plan is the product of extensive efforts designed to resume daily operations and return to instruction on campus safely.  As a result, this message is lengthy and backed by additional supporting documentation in an effort to share with you what is known now and identify what remains to be determined. Updates will continue to made to the plan as new information is available and circumstances change. Dr. Hoyle also sent an update on July 22, 2020 which can be viewed here.

View the ASMS COVID-19 plan here:

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If you have questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 or the COVID-19 school year plan, please contact the school: or 251-441-2100

Health Contacts:

ASMS COVID-19 Frequently Ask Questions

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As part of the ASMS COVID-19 2020-2021 school year plan, community members will be asked to or may need to complete certain forms. All forms can be accessed below.

General Forms

Health Screening Questionnaire

All ASMS students must complete a daily health screening questionnaire each morning before class and before they move throughout the campus.  Students returning from weekend visits home or other extended time away from campus will be screened before entering campus.  Faculty and staff members must complete a health screening questionnaire each morning before entering the campus.  All campus visitors must complete a health screening questionnaire 24 hours before coming to campus.  Please refer to the plan published above for additional information about this process.

For Move-in: ASMS students are required to submit the Student Health Screening form by August 4 in order to be eligible to move into their residence hall – regardless of whether they answer yes or no to the questions. Family members helping with move in should also complete the ASMS Campus Visitors Health Screening form by August 4 prior to move in.

Complete STUDENT Screening
Complete FACULTY AND STAFF Screening
Complete VISITOR Screening

Student Forms

Student COVID-19 Procedure Review and Acceptance

You must read and review the COVID-19 plan published above before signing this form. This form must be signed electronically, but you may refer to the plan published above if you would like to view a paper copy of this form. This form must be signed by August 1, 2020. Students must complete this form to check into their residence and move into their rooms. Failure to sign by a student, parent, or guardian will result in the student’s automatic administrative withdrawal. The COVID-19 Campus Guidelines take effect on August 1, 2020.

Sign Form

Student Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19

This form must be signed electronically, but you may refer to the plan published above if you would like to view a paper copy of this form. This waiver must be signed by August 1, 2020. Students must complete the waiver in order to check into their residence and move into their rooms. Failure to sign by a student, parent, or guardian will result in the automatic administrative withdrawal of the student.

Sign Waiver

Student Quiz: Signs, Symptoms, and School Procedures

Students will be required to complete an online quiz to educate themselves on the signs, symptoms, and school procedures for COVID-19. This quiz will be made available on Monday, July 27* and students will have until Tuesday, August 4th to complete it before their scheduled move-in day.  

* The quiz is now open:

Complete Quiz

Remote Learning Request Form

Any student who is uncomfortable attending ASMS residentially during the COVID-19 pandemic may at the beginning of each term request remote learning as the primary form of instruction for the term.  Please refer to the plan published above for additional information.

Request Remote Learning

Employee Forms

Remote Instruction Request Form

Faculty members are considered “essential” employees in Alabama. However, in rare circumstances, instructors with health concerns may file a request to the President’s Office for remote-only instruction to teach off-campus.  Please refer to the plan published above for additional information.

Request Remote-Only Instruction

ASMS COVID-19 Move-in Procedure

Click here for information on move-in for the 2020-2021 school year.

ASMS COVID-19 Free GuideSafe™ Testing

ASMS  is participating in GuideSafe™ Testing, a program coordinated by UAB that provides free COVID-19 testing for every college student attending a public 4-year or 2-year college in the state before entering campus. The program has been expanded to include ASMS.

Your student will receive information about GuideSafe™ Testing via email on how and when to take the COVID-19 test. The email will come to the students’ ASMS account.  We wanted to make sure you have the same information to help guide them through the process to ensure they are able to come to campus this fall.

Testing for ASMS students will begin August 4th.  While ASMS student participation in the program is voluntary, we know that the virus spreads through both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. The more students who get tested helps ensure a safe and healthy opening for all.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to have your student tested.

GuideSafe™ Onsite Testing Process:

  • Students will receive an email from (GuideSafe™ Testing or Stay Safe Together Testing) with a link to register online for testing. Please look for and promptly complete the instructions in the email.
  • After registration and system verification, each student will schedule an appointment at an approved testing site on the day and time of choosing. Click here for a full list of testing sites.
  • A confirmation email with the testing appointment and instructions of what to bring and information about what to expect with sample collection will be sent to each student.
  • Each student will receive an appointment reminder via email.
  • When the student arrives at the testing site, they will present the confirmation email and identification. The confirmation email can be shown via phone.
  • After identity verification, the student will complete the sample collection under observation at the testing site.
  • The sample is transported by the testing site to the testing lab and run within 24 hours.
  • The testing lab reports the test result to the student, the Alabama Department of Public health, GuideSafe™ Testing and ASMS.
  • If the student’s results are positive, they will need to contact our school nurse Kathy Kilcrease for clearance prior to entering campus.
  • If the student’s results are negative, they are clear to enter campus.

How you can help:

  • Encourage your student to check their email daily for updates.
  • Ensure your student has completed the necessary steps to come to campus.
  • Encourage your student to follow safety protocols on and off campus, including wearing a mask, washing hands often and practicing social distancing.

For more information on GuideSafe™ Testing and frequently asked questions, visit