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Sarah Brewer

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M.S., Mathematics - University of South Alabama

B.S., Mathematics - University of South Alabama; B.F.A., Art History & Ceramics, University of South Alabama

Biography: Sarah Gelsinger Brewer is a 2000 graduate of the Alabama School of Math and Science. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree before going to graduate school for pure mathematics, where she focused on knot theory and low-dimensional topology and lent her name to the Carter-Gelsinger eversion, a method of turning the sphere inside out without cutting or pasting, but allowing the sphere to pass through itself. Since she began teaching at ASMS in 2008, Brewer has been able to utilize her art background to both help students visualize difficult concepts in standard mathematics courses and in the development of several interdisciplinary math/art elective courses and student research projects. Her current mathematical and artistic research focuses on origami, Euclidean ruler and compass construction of traditional Islamic geometric patterns, and analysis of the underlying tangent circle packings of these constructions.

Professional Areas of Expertise: Origami, Islamic Geometric Design, Circle Packing, Geometric Rigidity, Knot Theory, Low-dimensional Topology

Awards and Honors: STEM Grant recipient - Ingalls, 2016, 2019; 40 Most Influential Teachers Under 40 in the United States - Veritas Prep, 2013; Outstanding Master's Thesis Award for the Math, Sciences, and Engineering - University of South Alabama Graduate School, 2009