The ASMS faculty and staff is an accomplished group of educators and administrators who put student learning first. More than half hold terminal degrees in their field and all have earned at least a master’s degree.

But beyond these credentials, what distinguishes our faculty and staff is the fact that they care about each and every student’s wellbeing and academic engagement. It is not unusual for instructors to stay after class to mentor and tutor students who may need a little help or clarity.

In fact, our faculty will even design and offer classes based on student interest. Directed Reading courses are typically intended for students who seek a deeper knowledge of the subject. Directed Research courses involve intensive investigation of a topic or subject, taken under the direction of a faculty member who mentors a student’s research. This work customarily involves a variable number of contact hours and will often result in a major paper or article, detailing the results of the investigation that has been undertaken. With faculty approval, a student may receive transcript credit for these courses.

Here are a few Directed Reading and Research courses that have been offered in recent history: Crystallography, Ornithology, Pyrotechnics, Firewire (student newspaper), Problem Solving, Boolean Algebra, Topology, and Mathematical Origami.