How to Apply


Any current Alabama 9th or 10th grader can apply now to the Alabama School of Math and Science for the 2017-2018 school year using a free online application.

How to Apply

Students are selected through a competitive process that considers the applicant’s academic success, maturity, and activities. Applications are due February 3, 2017. Promising candidates will be interviewed on the ASMS campus in early 2017. Finalists from this group will be offered admission the first week of April.

In order to complete the 2016-2017 application process, potential students must complete all requirements within the below time frame:

Step 1: Determine If You Are Eligible

  • Applicants must currently be in the 9th or 10th grade.
  • It is the policy of the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science to enroll only students who are legal residents of the State of Alabama.

Step 2: Complete an Online Application

  • Click here to start your online application. (LINK WILL NOT BE PROVIDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1)
  • Create a profile thought the ASMS Parent Dashboard by providing all your basic contact information.
    • AIMS Campers – Yes, you do need to create a new account. This profile will be specific for your application to ASMS.
    • Returning ASMS Parents – No, you do not need to create a new account if you currently have a student enrolled at ASMS. Log into the Parent Dashboard and click “My Account.” At the top, you will see the option to “Add student…”
  • After creating your profile, click the ENROLLMENT tab at the top of the Parent Dashboard. Then, click apply for 2017 to submit your initial application.

Step 3: Complete Online Essays

  • Visit the FORMS tab at the top of the Parent Dashboard to see the student and parent questions/essay forms. Please submit your essay forms as soon as possible.

Step 4: Take the ACT by February 2017

  • Register here to take the ACT.
  • All applicants must take the ACT during your sophomore or junior year as part of the application process.
  • ASMS does not require the writing portion of the ACT.
  • Only score reports from tests administered on the following dates will be accepted:
    • October 22, 2016
    • December 10, 2016
    • February 11, 2017
  • To ensure that test results are sent directly to the ASMS Admissions Office, please use the ASMS ACT Code 4707.

Step 5: Download Two Teacher Recommendation Forms

  • Visit the FORMS tab at the top of the Parent Dashboard to see the two teacher recommendation forms.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to download both recommendation forms and ask their teachers to complete an evaluation on their behalf.
    • One form must be completed by a math or science teacher, and the second form must be completed by another academic teacher.
  • Your teachers must fax, email, or mail the recommendation form back to the ASMS Admissions Office. Once ASMS receives the forms, the form status on the Parent Dashboard will change to “received.”
  • All forms must be received by February 3, 2017.

Step 6: Submit Academic Records with 2016 First Semester Grades

  • Visit the FORMS tab at the top of the Parent Dashboard to download the Request for Academic Records form and Discipline Record Form.
  • The two forms should be given to your school at the END of the first semester.
  • Your academic and discipline records should be mailed to the ASMS Admissions Office by February 3, 2017.

Step 7: Attend an Informational Meeting

  • ASMS representatives travel to cities throughout Alabama and hold informational meetings during the month of October.
  • Meetings will be held in the following locations:
    • Anniston, Auburn, Birmingham, Enterprise, Huntsville, Livingston, Mobile, Monroeville, Montgomery, Selma, Thomasville, Troy, and Tuscaloosa
  • Register for an informational meeting by clicking here.

Step 8: Attend Preview Day

  • Preview Day is an annual event designed to showcase ASMS to prospective students and parents.
  • This year, the event will take place on Saturday, November 12 and Saturday, December 3.
  • Parents and potential students will have an opportunity to tour the campus and take part in classroom demonstrations. ASMS student Ambassadors will lead your group to these various demonstrations and answer any questions you have.
  • Register for Preview Day by clicking here.

Follow your progress

Applicants will be able to follow their progress during the admissions process using the ASMS Parent Dashboard. The FORMS tab on the Parent Dashboard is a great place to check and see if your forms have been received.
Peggy Partridge
Admissions Coordinator

101 Comments on “How to Apply

  1. Hi Amber Day. Is it too late to finish applications for next year? Thanks

  2. I took the ACT in December and I just now sent it because I was not aware that it did not send until the other day. So, even though it is a little after the deadline, will it still be valid or ?

  3. I am currently a 10th grader, hoping to apply to ASMS. I wasn’t able to make it to the preview day. Would I still be able to apply if I did not attend?

    • Hey I sent an email asking the same question. They said you don’t need to attend preview day, but it is recommended.

  4. Due to unfortunate reasons I will not be able to take the ACT in December, but I am scheduled to take it in February. This will be my first time taking it so I do not have a current score to submit. Even though the application deadline is February third can I send in my ACT score from the February eleventh and my application still be considered?

  5. I am going into 9th grade. I have always dreamed of going to school here because I love science and my school is limited in science. I am applying in September. I have taken the AIMS camp. In my ACT Prep class, my instructor told me that we must take physics our junior year. Does this mean that i will not be able to take BOTH biology and chemistry? Also Dauphin Island Sea Lab has a high school credit course that I plan on taking summer 2017. Will ASMS accept the credit? Additionally, I was wondering if my mom could pick me up for a little bit on some Wednesday nights. Will our roomates be in our grade? If we wanted to start a new club, could we do it? What is the acceptance rate? Can I take the ACT a few times and give ASMS the best one? Do our ACT scores go straight to ASMS or do we have to send it to ASMS? Thanks!

    • Thank you for posting your questions. It may be best for you to attend one of our informational meetings this October. We will post the dates for our informational meetings in September. Or, you can contact us at (251) 441-2100.

  6. Has ASMS already sent out messages to students who are going to be interviewed? Or to those who have been accepted?

  7. Hi, I was wondering about applying for ASMS as a sophomore next year, as I was directed to this school by my cousin, who is currently enrolled here. I was actually wondering when I could be able to apply. Is it at anytime, or would I have to wait until I was already a sophomore? I saw the February deadline, and thought maybe this might affect me negatively, as I wanted to take a majority of my high school education here. I think this school might really be able to set me up for the future and give me the drive to succeed. Thanks.

    • You would apply during your freshman or sophomore year to be a sophomore or junior at ASMS. This year’s deadline has passed. The application will go back up September 2016. If you have any questions, contact Peggy Partridge at

  8. I took the February 6 ACT test, but it may take up to eight weeks to get the score in the mail. Can I email the file of the email to you, or can I print off the online one, and give it to the school to mail? I was just wondering to see if I could speed up the process, because by the time they reach you in the mail, it will be extremely late.

      • When will acceptance letters be mailed. Also will there an email too about registration day information.
        Thank You!

          • It says above that finalists will be offered admission during the first week of April. Is that separate from the mailed acceptance letters? If we haven’t heard anything by now, does that mean we aren’t in that group?

  9. I applied for ASMS in October. I put on the form that I was not apart of any clubs, in November I was inducted into Beta club. Is there any way I can fix that? Also, I have taken the ACT, but I think I could further improve my score. I’m taking it again in February. Could I send my current score in, then also send my new score?

      • I have a question about the interview part. Do you review a potential student’s forms when received, or do you wait until after the February 7th deadline?

  10. So I am looking to apply here at ASMS and was wondering if there is any kind of physical information sheet or anything that could be mailed in. I looked all over the website and couldn’t find anything about it.

  11. I have given my teacher recommendation forms to my teachers. One of the asked me how they are to be sent to the school. Can they be faxed or mailed?

  12. I received a letter saying that ASMS has invited me to join . But it says ASMS is currently accepting 9th and 10th graders but I’m only in the 8th grade. Am I able to join? Reply ASAP

    • Only current 9th and 10th graders can apply to be sophomore or juniors. You would wait until next year. You can come to Preview Day Nov. 14 or Dec. 5 to learn more about the school, or come to our summer camp (Adventures in Math and Science) to experience the school.

  13. My son had 2 disciplinary issues in 7th grade directly related to a teacher not complying with his 504. He has Asperger’s but has been performing beautifully without a 504 for 2 years. Will those 2 issues interfere with his being able to attend ASMS?

    • The Admissions Committee looks in detail at all parts of the application process. If any questions come up, they will contact parents or administrators.

  14. Is it possible for students who are home schooled in the ninth grade to apply?

    • All students, homeschoooled or not, can apply during their ninth grade year to be a sophomore or junior at ASMS.

  15. How are GPA’s calculated for new student applications? ie is 90-100 a 4.0, 80-89 3.0, etc. Do you only consider the 4 core class grades ie English, Math, Science & Social Studies or all classes? How do Honors classes adjust the scale?

  16. Hi, about the transcript request form, is it suppose to be for the grades of our first semester?
    If it is, our school is having the block schedules.. I can’t take science or English until after Christmas. What am I suppose to do?
    Also, about recommendation form, do they have to be from my school teachers? Or can it be from different school teachers who tutors me??
    Thank you!

  17. I am a 8th grader and a family friend told me that you guys accept a few counties in Georgia. i was wondering if you could tell me the high schools that you accept in Georgia because i really want to go to this school. Also,are students required to go on break?

  18. The fee schedule you didn’t provided to give answer some of my questions. It didn’t shows fees for the whole middle school or high school courses. I would like to know specifically what the fee is for applying to 10th grade as I am currently in 9th. Also how much would be the advance payment required for applying to 10th grade? and what is the payment process, can the tuition and boarding fee be paid after admission or it has to be paid in advance?

  19. I am an eighth grader for the 2015-2016 school year and I am really interested in going here, I am taking algebra now and plan on taking all AP classes in high school. But I was wondering… how early can I try to apply if I am in only eighth grade. I make all A”s, and the one time I made a B it was a 89.

  20. I live locally here in Mobile County and have at least one child that is extremely gifted intellectually. She’s currently in 7th grade at Causey Middle School. Does the program there are ASMS require accepted students to live in the dorm? I’m afraid my wife and I aren’t going to be anywhere near willing to “let go” so soon.

    • All students must live on campus. They can go home on the weekend, but there are a few required weekends. I would highly suggest our summer camp – Adventures in Math and Science. It’s open to middle schoolers, and it’s a great way to ‘test out’ ASMS.

  21. My son had ACT test at 7th Grade for the Duke Tips. His ACT score was 25. He will in the 9th Grade this fall. I want to know is he still need a ACT test for the ASMS?

    • He will need an official score from ACT. If it was a practice test or supplement test of any sort, we cannot accept that. We will need official documentation from ACT with the official score. He may want to retake it anyway. He could possible have a higher score now.

  22. I am going to be a freshman this year. If I apply this fall it will be for next year when I will be a sophomore right? Also, last year I had mostly high A’s and two high B’s and i scored a 20 on my ACT last fall. Will it be high enough to get admitted?

    • You can apply this year as a freshman to be a sophomore at the school next year. We look at students holistically, so absolutely, apply!

  23. I have a rising 9th grader. I have homeschooled her grades 4-8. Are there any extra requirements necessary as a homeschool parent? For example, she has not taken many co-op classes because she has not found them to be challenging enough. What could be used as an alternative to a teacher letter? Thank you in advance.

    P.S. She is there at camp now and loving it!


    • We are no longer accepting applications. Please look for the admissions process to start again in August/September.

  25. I understand that the letters have been sent off already. What if the intent to enroll deadline passes but a letter still has not been recieved? What will happen?

  26. I am in the sixth grade at a ghetto failing middle school. I am in the gifted program. Ever since I’ve been in the fifth grade I knew this was the school for me. When I grow up , I want to be a car designer and have my own car company. I live in Lowndes County. My parents can’t afford to send me to a private school.In the second semester I got caught in a fight with the class bully and got suspended for 3 days. Can I still enroll ?

    • You can send an application as a 9th or 10th grader to be a sophomore or junior the next year. The application is always posted on our website in August/September each year.

  27. My question is even though I’m a 7th grader and this might be a tad to early to ask this right now but if I apply for this school in the eighth grade while I’m heading toward the 9th grade can I still apply? I ask this because it says current 9th or 10th graders.

    • Students who are current 9th or 10th graders apply during the fall of that year to be a sophomore or junior at ASMS the following school year.

  28. On, on the application part, some of the stuff still says pending. Although everything is complete. Will the status change?

  29. When will the acceptance letters be sent out? Has a certain date been chosen yet?

  30. If we are accepted, will we only receive letters through mail? or will we receive an email also? because I no longer reside at that address but I don’t have a permanent address right now. So I wouldn’t receive the mail but I would receive the email.

  31. What order do you use to interview candidates? Do you go by when you received a completed application?

  32. How many were selected for the interview process? Thank You.

  33. For the recommendation letters, do you want 8th grade or 9th grade teachers to fill out the letter?

  34. Have interviews started for the candidates for the 2015-2016 school year?

  35. I would like to know about the photo portion of the application. It says that it is pending but I do not see any place on the application for it. Do you use the photo for the ACT application?

  36. How long does it usually take in order to receive a reply saying that we made it or not? Will it be by mail or email?

  37. When I decided to apply a week and a half ago, I went ahead and gave my teachers recommendation forms, and I turned a transcript request form to my school’s main office, so you received my transcripts and recommendation forms before I had even submitted my application. Is this going to be a problem?

  38. Is there an online essay that i need to do in order to finish my application? I have heard that there is one from several people but i can not find one.

  39. If i apply this year but later decide I’m not ready, can I apply again next year?

  40. I have submitted my online portion of the application and I realized I did not submit my ACT score along with it. How do I send that in now or what do I need to do in order to submit my ACT score?

    • If you did not use the ASMS code to have ACT send your score, you can do one of two things. Contact ACT to get them to send an official record of your score to ASMS. If an official score was sent to your school, you can get your school to send it to ASMS.

      • is it possible to just get the ASMS code from somewhere and send it off of the ACT student site?

  41. in order to be enrolled by the fall, what’s the latest you are allowed to take the act test?

      • hello, this is kevin woodhead, seths father, I have him enrolled for the February 7th testing, how does those results go to you then?

  42. If you look at it from a holistic view point, if I were to make a 23 on the ACT, A’s and B’s in first and second quarter, plus above average grades on all of my standardized tests are my chances of getting in to ASMS high? I’m really interested in your school and would like to know my chances of getting in..

  43. I am filling out my application and in doing my essay my number of words went over 400, it still fits on one page with room in 12 font, I just wanted to know if this is ok.

  44. What is the minimum score on the ACT test that a potential applicant can make to be considered for admission to ASMS?

  45. I would like to know about financial assistance for ASMS. My daughter is a 4.0 GPA freshman and scored a 18 on the ACT 1-1/2 years ago. She is about to take the ACT again and will no doubt score in low to mid 20’s so academically she should have no problem with requirements, but financially we will have problems.

  46. I made two C’s my first quarter from slipping up. Is there any way that I can make up for that?.. I’ve almost always had all A’s and very few B’s, plus scoring above average on my ARMT and ACT Aspire.. I’m involved in multiple activities and wasn’t handling it very well until the end of 1st quarter..

  47. how can a freshman enter in the school but it is only suppose to be for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders

  48. This school looks like a really good opportunity, and it’s something I’m definitely going to apply to. I’m in ninth grade, and I’m a part of Freshman Service Club, FBLA, freshman football, and Key Club. I also volunteer with my library and church. I’ve made all a’s and b this first quarter, and both of my teachers said they would fill out shining applications for me. But in eighth grade I slipped up in math. I made a high D on the first semester, but the second semester was an A. I’ve always done well in science. I went to a middle school that specializes in math, science and technology, and I’ve taken an advanced robotics class. I’ve also ALWAYS gotten above average on every SAT score. The only way I’ve slipped up is the one D is in the first semester of math. I realize the selection process is very competitive, but is it still possible for me to get in?

  49. I have a question concerning the grades needed to be accepted into your school: My child has always been an all A and very few times A and B, and the first quarter this year her grades were not as high as they usually are. They’re mostly B’s. She promised that she would do better next quarter so she can try to enroll at your school. I’m wondering if she will be able to still enroll if her grades from 1st quarter are a few a’s and high b’s and second quarter’s grades are all a’s?

  50. The ACT Registration dead line for Oct. 25 is September 19; the deadline for Dec. 13 is Nov. 7.

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