Office 365

Office 365/Email account login information


Office 365 accounts can be accessed by going to:

Domain name for all students are and name format is firstname.lastname. So a student named John Doe will have O365 account as

Incoming and Returning students

Email address

  • Display Names will contain apostrophe and hyphens but email addresses/user names will not
  • For example, John’ Doe will be
  • John-Doe will be John.Doe or John Jane-Doe will be John.JaneDoe


  • Password format is last name with first letter capital and date of birth in format Lastnamemmddyy

i.e. John Doe with DOB 01/03/2000 will be Doe010300

  • If last name is separated by hyphen, then password will include only latest name

i.e. John Jane-Doe will be Doemmddyy

  • If combination of your last name plus DOB makes password longer than 16 characters, then start taking out last digits until it is 16 characters
    i.e. John.JaneShannonDoe becomes Janeshannondoe010300 which is longer than 16 characters, so password will be just Janeshannondoe01



What is Office 365?

Office 365 (O365) is a set of subscription plans which allows access to Office applications as well as other services that are provisioned via cloud services

How to access O365?

O365 accounts can be accessed by going to:

What applications are included in O365?

  1. All students will have access to
    1. Office 2016
      • Word
      • Excel
      • PowerPoint
      • OneNote
      • Access
      • Publisher
      • Outlook
      • OneDrive for Business


All Office 2016 applications are downloadable (offline) and do not require internet access for usage except for first time installation and activation. Students can install Office 2016 on 5 different devices

  1. Students will also have access to
    1. Microsoft Forms (Beta)
    2. Sway
    3. Office Online for Education
    4. OneDrive

How do I get license for Office 365?

Office 365 licenses are automatically provisioned for students by ASMS IT

Any software requirements?

No special software is required to access Office 365 any internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox) can be used to gain access.

How much does O365 cost?

Office 365 service is provided to ASMS students for free

What if I have an Apple product?

Office 365 access is browser based so it is independent of the operating system limitations but Office 2016 application which is downloaded and installed is provided for both Windows and Mac operating systems

How do I get help with Office 365?

Please contact IT office, 3rd floor Admin building

How to check if Office 365 service is down?

Office 365 service status can be checked at the following link

Students (shows email and outlook service status)


Office 365 usage is governed by ASMS technology policy provided in student handbook, please read it at

Page 47, Appendix E.