2019 German National Exams Results

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The results for the 2019 German National Exams are in and the ASMS students who participated did an excellent job!

In level 1 Beata Casiday ranked 1st and Joan White ranked 3rd in Alabama, both ranking in the 99th percentile nationally. Camryn McGaha ranked 4th, and Katelyn Pack placed 6th in Alabama, both ranking in the 98th percentile.

Danielle Colborn and Caroline Nelson shared 9th in Alabama, placing them in the 97th percentile nationally. Lindsey Haas placed in the 94th percentile nationally and Emma Schaetzle placed in the 93rd percentile nationally.

Samantha Jerry placed 91st percentile nationally, and Starla Straub placed in the 82nd percentile nationally.

Nine incoming students earned a Gold medal at or above 90% nationally, and one more earned a Silver medal at or above 80% nationally. There were multiple bronzes.

Level 2 Max Block ranked 1st in Alabama, scoring higher than 99% students nationally. Fatema Dhondia placed 2nd place in Alabama, Isaac Jones ranked 4th in Alabama, and Tabitha Watson ranked 5th in Alabama, all four also ranking 99th percentile nationally. Shelby Stafford placed 7th in Alabama, ranking 98th percentile.

Veda Joshi placed 8th in Alabama and ranked in the 97th percentile nationally. Evan Stevens placed 10th in Alabama and ranked 95th percentile nationally. All seven intermediate students earned a GOLD medal at or above 95% nationally.

Chandler Tyler ranked 88th percentile nationally, Savannah Patterson ranked 87th, and Olivia Watt ranked 85th percentile nationally. All three earned a silver medal, plus bronze medals.

Fatema Dhondia, Isaac Jones, Tabitha Watson, and Joshi Veda qualified to apply for the free summer Study Trip Award. Following in the most recent footsteps of Jessi (2016), Savannah (2017), and Emmeline (2018), Isaac Jones won this excellent award and will be going to Germany this summer! Jones will be there for 6 weeks, take part in high-quality organized field trips with the other winners from all across the U.S., go to school at a German school and live like a local with a German family. All expenses including the transatlantic flight are paid for.

Congratulations to the German classes and their commendable work ethic.

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