Three ASMS Instructors Have Been Awarded Grants from Ingalls Shipbuilding

By December 13, 2018 One Comment

ASMS learned this week that instructors Sarah Brewer, Dr. Victor Irby, and Deborah Gray were awarded more than $12,000 in grant funding from Ingalls Shipbuilding, which is a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries.

Dr. Irby, a Physics instructor, was awarded $4628, which he will use to purchase laser equipment for the Physics’ Department Optics Lab. The funds will buy an optical breadboard and optical mounts for lasers, mirrors, lenses, and beam splitters.

“We envision having separate lasers mounted in substations where, with a simple turn of a key, students can observe laser single and double slit interference, measurement of laser wavelength, a working Michelson interferometer, and an entire laser optics system dedicated solely to holography,” says Irby.

Gray, a Computer Science instructor, was awarded $4,000, which will be used to buy a dedicated server and computers for networking, Linux, and cybersecurity training as well as virtual networking and online security lab.

Brewer, a Math instructor, was awarded $3983 to buy a tablet with an attachment used for making compass constructions, a class set of drawing compasses, a digital camera for in-class demos and video tutorial production, and a class set of licenses for students to access Variant: Limits, a video game designed to teach calculus concepts. Here is a video preview of the game.

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