ASMS Alum from Chef to Vet

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John Marsella with wife Brandy


1999 ASMS Alumni John Francis Marsella went from chef to vet in a matter of years. After graduating from Auburn University (AU) in 2004, Marsella worked as a professional cook until 2010, when he then decided to attend Colorado State for Veterinarian Medicine.

“I’ve always been interested in animals but hadn’t ever thought of being a vet until late 2009,” says Marsella.

In 2016 Marsella graduated from Colorado State and started practicing in Longmont, CO, where he and his wife Brandy, who is also an ASMS Alum, live with their two dogs and two cats.

“I’m an associate veterinarian and I see dogs and cats and the occasional ferret or guinea pig,” says Marsella. “I work at one of the larger general private practices in town with 4 other vets.”

Switching careers comes with challenges, but because of ASMS, Marsella was ready.

“ASMS helped with critical thinking, learning that not everything worth doing comes easily, and time management strategies that have benefited me ever since,” says Marsella.

ASMS did not only help Marsella in his vocational decision making but other areas of his life.

“My favorite part, looking back, was the camaraderie and relationships that I formed during those years,” says Marsella. “Being given the responsibility to manage how to study and learn was also very important, albeit less fun.”

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