Proud ASMS Alumni Planning a Safer Future for Local Governments

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ASMS Alumni are various leaders throughout Alabama. While some go into mathematics or computer careers, others go into science careers, like Geography! ASMS Alum, Darell Rigsby, works for the Central Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (CARPDC) as a Planner.

CARPDC is one of twelve regions in the state that is tasked with providing technical assistance to local governments in the areas of planning and development. As a Planner, Rigsby specializes in developing and administering subdivision regulations and zoning ordinances. He accredits ASMS for preparing him for college and his career in Geography.

“ASMS provided advanced educational opportunities, and extensive social opportunities,” Rigsby says. “Which were the tools I needed to prepare myself for college and a professional career.”

Not only was Rigsby provided with an advanced educational background at ASMS, but also because of the residential requirements, he made life-long friendships.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to live on campus and make life-long friends,” Rigsby says. “Because of the on campus environment, it allowed us to get to know people better in the one or two years at ASMS than we would have over the course of many years in our home cities. After 15 years, several of those people I met at ASMS are still my good friends.”

After graduating from ASMS in 2003, Rigsby went to the University of Alabama and earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Geography and then Auburn University, to achieve his Masters of Community Planning and Geography.

By excelling at ASMS and college, Rigsby is planning and developing local areas, in turn, making rural and city areas safer for people to live.


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