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ASMS School Board Appoints Interim President

By June 5, 2018 One Comment

The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science (ASMS) School Board is pleased to announce that Dr. John Hoyle, who has served as the school’s vice president from 2014 to 2018, has been appointed interim president effective June 1, 2018. Hoyle succeeds Dr. Monica Motley, who stepped down May 31, 2018.

“As a very capable and compassionate administrator, Hoyle is respected and admired by students, faculty, and staff alike,” ASMS School Board Chairman Walter Bell says.

Hoyle has served ASMS for 13 years. Prior to his appointment as interim president, Hoyle served as vice president of operations for four years and director of special services for four years.  During this time, he provided leadership for student services, admissions, security, communications, registrar, and maintenance.

“I am humbled by this opportunity, and I want nothing more than for ASMS to grow, innovate, and become stronger,” Hoyle says. “Our students are some of the best and brightest in Alabama, and I will work passionately to meet their needs and expectations. I want to also make sure our faculty and staff members know they are all valued and have all the resources necessary to be a successful team.”

Hoyle holds a Ph.D. in instructional design and development from the University of South Alabama, master’s of education from the University of Holy Cross, and bachelor’s in mass communication and political science from Principia College.

Below are quotes from ASMS community members in regards to Hoyle’s appointment as Interim President.

“I believe that Dr. Hoyle will be making a lot of improvements on the ASMS campus and will be making a huge impact for the future of ASMS,” says Leanne Jeong, 2017-2018 ASMS Student Government Association president and recent graduate. “As the Vice President, Dr. Hoyle not only listened to students’ concerns, but he was also been very involved in the school community and student-led activities.”

“Dr. Hoyle is such an amazing leader in the ASMS community,” says Meg Matthews, 2018-2019 ASMS SGA president. “Not only does he have a passion for his work, but Dr. Hoyle genuinely cares about the student body and it shines through to us every day. I know that I can speak for the students when I say that we are so excited to have him as our president.”

“ Dr. Hoyle is a great person to have at ASMS,” s ays Ian Bunker, 2017-2018 ASMS SGA vice president and recent graduate. “His vision, passion, and tireless work for ASMS and AIMS has made both successful in motivating and teaching some of Alabama’s best and brightest. As a former student, I know that he always worked with the student to work on problems the school had and how to fix them. ASMS is very lucky to have him serve as the interim president, and all the best to him and ASMS.”

“Dr. Hoyle is a very hard working man who cares strongly for the ASMS community,” s ays Wyatt Slocum, 2018-2019 ASMS SGA vice president. “ He tries very hard to create a positive environment for all students. He even participated in some student led events like the Polar Bear Club, where he jumped into the school pool in January alongside many brave students. I have no doubt that Dr. Hoyle will be a great interim president.”

“Dr. Hoyle was one of the most supportive and motivating adults that I had the fortune to know at ASMS,” says Alexander Mosley, 2013 ASMS alumna who was selected as a 2017 Fulbright U.S. Student Finalist. “The first time I met him was as a teacher at AIMS years before I was a student, but he remembered me and was so welcoming when I arrived at the school. At that time, he was the director of special services, but even though his roles were primarily in administration, he always tried to be present and accessible to students. Dr. Hoyle is someone who believes in ASMS students sometimes more than they believe in themselves, and he challenges students to think critically and be the best that they can be. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance. I have already seen him do so much for ASMS, and I feel confident that he will flourish as the interim president and continue a long history of genuine service to the school and, more importantly, to its students.”

“I believe that Dr. Hoyle will lead the school in the right direction bringing his eclectic blend of modern ideas and practical solutions to the position,” says Kaylin Bowen, 2013 ASMS alumna. “When he was my instructor, he encouraged creative thinking, and I think that’s exactly what ASMS needs to continue to grow and stay relevant. I can honestly say I use the things he taught me daily—after all now I work as a communications specialist for the University of Alabama, which is the equivalent of where he started at ASMS.”

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  • The announcement of Dr. John Hoyle’s appointment as Interim President is wonderful news. As a former ASMS Foundation Board member I was always impressed with John’s work ethic, honesty, integrity and sincerity from the day he was hired. He has been a bright light in the administration that only got brighter with his tenure at the school. The current leadership on the board made an excellent choice in asking John to serve as Interim President. Now stand back and let him work his magic with the staff and students current and future. Congratulations Dr. John Hoyle!

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