ASMS Instructor Teaches Environmental Sciences Class the Values of a Clean Environment

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Here at The Alabama School of Math and Science, the students take part in lots of fun and innovative lab experiments throughout their assorted classes. The instructors include real world problems and teach the students to find real world solutions.

One such class taught here is AP Environmental Science, or APES for short. This class is centered around the problems affecting all parts of the environment today and allows the students to become aware to the changes that humans have created in the environment. The topics include: climate change, deforestation, carbon emissions, food production, and ocean waste. The students learn how to tackle these difficult problems through labs, like this fun one about water filtration!

In this lab, the class was presented with two problems: the amount of plastic wasted by humans is unsustainable, and people around the world do not have regular access to clean drinking water. Humans waste around 50 billion plastic water bottles a year, and more than 780 million people around the world do not have regular access to clean water. This experiment provides an alternative that can help reduce these problems. The instructor, Mrs. Rellinger, presented the students with materials that, should the experiment work, could be a big step into leaning how to filter water, and combat the clean drinking water problem. Items that were used included coffee filters, water bottles, gravel, and charcoal. The students built their filters, and they worked like a charm, effectively cleaning out most of the debris in the water!

Labs like this are an everyday occurrence here at ASMS. The students want to learn how to solve these real-world problems, and the instructors want to educate them.

Memphis Baggett, an ASMS student that took part in the lab says, “This lab taught me all about how people in third world countries could have better access to clean water! I can now be more careful of what I throw away and think about what are the uses that they can serve!”

The foundation of The Alabama School of Math and Science is the teaching for a better tomorrow, and it is through labs like this that ASMS is helping the bigger picture, one lab at a time!


This article was written by Benton Cogar, for the ASMS Marketing Team. 

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