ASMS Robotics Team Competes in the First Tech Competition

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This past Saturday, January 26th, 2019, The Robotics team at the Alabama School of Math and Science traveled to Huntsville, Alabama to compete in the First Tech Competition. After months of rigorous preparation, the Dragons placed 15th overall. The team’s robot had a mechanical arm equipped with a wheel and rubber bands so it would spin to pick up minerals (represented by white and blue balls) and then placed them in a box to score the minerals. Over 5 versions of the robot were created to reach the final product. 

This year’s team is sponsored by ASMS Physics instructors Dr. Jessica Alexander and Dr. Victor Irby. 

“Even though the competition was very stressful, we were able to find the fun in it. We were able to learn from the other teams at the competition, and the group that went to competition was able to grow a lot closer as a team and a group”  says ASMS senior and robotics captain Fatema Dhondia. “This competition will definitely be a time I’ll always remember.” 

The 2018-19 ASMS Robotics team is lead by seniors Nathan Amos, Fatema Dhondia, and Kevin Xiao, as well as junior Abrielle Le.  

“I guess that’s what makes robotics so fun, working hard together on a single objective, designing, building, and programming the robot to accomplish wonders,” says Xiao. “I’m really proud of our team, over the course of several months we have collected nearly 200 pages worth of progress reports, design notes, and outreach opportunities. Not to mention, our programming team wrote over 1000 lines of code. Although we did not do spectacularly in the competition, our dedicated team members kept their hearts strong, pulling through in the end.” Xiao also expressed his hopes for next year saying “I have high hopes that next year we will up our game even further and ‘exterminate’ the competition.” 

This article was written by ASMS Marketing Team Member, Zoe Blair

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  • Miguel Gapud says:

    Surprisingly, after the end of the competition, checking the FTC stats website will show that we actually scored 15th place. Even though, after the end of the competition, we were sure we landed 16th.

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