ASMS Senior Rocketry Champion and AIMS Instructor

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ASMS senior, Cady Studdard, is the resident rocketry guru on campus. She has been launching rockets since her 7th grade science teacher and robotics instructor convinced her to join the rocketry team.

In 2015, Studdard and her fellow rocketry comrades won the National and International Rocketry Competitions, which were hosted in Washington D.C. and Paris, France.

When we arrived at the national competition held in Washington D.C. we had no idea we would win. That was the first year we had ever done anything close to that.  We ended up winning by over 40 points which in Rocketry is a lot because its like golf: lowest score wins. After we won, we had to practice even more because we were going to Paris, France to compete at internationals. We also became mini celebrities. I’ve ended up meeting big names like Obama, Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Mythbusters, and the French Prime Minister. I also was able to do cool things like go on Air Force One and visit the White House for astronomy night.

While Rocketry isn’t something Studdard would like to make a career of, she enjoys the cathartic nature of building and launching rockets and occasionally helping local middle schools, such as Alba Middle School, build and launch their own rockets!

“I did enjoy hosting Alba Middle School,” Studdard says. “I enjoyed getting to talk to the kids about rocketry and how it works and why its fun for me. I also enjoyed discussing with the teacher about how they can create a team of their own. It was also fun to see how happy they were when their own rockets were able to work and launch after they built them.”

Since coming to ASMS, Studdard’s interest and knowledge of rocketry has increased, because of the advanced studies offered on campus.

“ASMS has helped me in a variety of ways and has helped me understand the science behind rocketry, such as taking the physics courses that are required here,” Studdard says.

At ASMS,  Studdard has had the chance to create and cultivate friendships as well.

“My favorite part of ASMS has been meeting my lifelong friends when I first moved down here,” Studdard says. “The people here are absolutely amazing and the teachers here are the best I’ve ever had.”

In just a few months, when Studdard graduates from ASMS, she plans to double major in Computer Science and Neuroscience. She will depart, leaving this advice to other girls interested in taking up Rocketry.

“If you want something don’t hesitate to do it,” Studdard exclaims. “Rocketry may seem hard and intimidating but it is actually a lot of fun to do. Don’t be afraid to try new things and ask questions if you’re curious.”

This summer, Studdard will be teaching Intermediate/Advanced Rocketry at the 2019 Adventures in Math and Science (AIMS) summer camp.

Scan through our course catalog here and you can register for AIMS here.


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