ASMS Spanish Exchange Program

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ASMS is the only high school in Alabama with active cultural study abroad programs in Münster, Germany and Seville, Spain. Each fall, ASMS sends students for a term to the prestigious Gymnasium Paulinum in Münster and the Colegio Europa in Seville. ASMS students are placed in the homes of the foreign students who, in turn, stay on the ASMS campus.

Currently, the ASMS Spanish Exchange program is hosting four students from Seville, Spain on campus in Mobile (Isa Martín, Patricia Ramos, Nicolás Fernández, and Javier Del Río Fuentes), and four ASMS students are in Seville, Spain (Brenli Pugh, Samantha Gutierrez, Madison Emerick, and Genevieve Eddy) at the Europa International School. This program is designed to teach students real-world applications in foreign languages, by placing them with partnering schools across the globe. Learn more about the German Exchange program by clicking here.

“Our exchange students were welcomed at the Europa International School in Spain with a special ceremony where they got the chance to show off their Spanish skills,” ASMS Spanish Instructor Chase Krebs says. “Take a look!”

Click here to watch a video of ASMS students at the Colegio Europa in Seville addressing the student body.

According to ASMS Spanish instructor Heather Summey, the Spanish students are acclimating quite well to life in the U.S. and ASMS.

“While the first few weeks were an adjustment to their new life in the U.S. and a new routine at school, they seem to be really enjoying themselves,” Summey says. “Having them here has also been a great learning opportunity for our students on campus. We have been able to have class discussions together and learn about their daily life in Spain. It has been an excellent opportunity for both them and our students.”

ASMS students are not the only ones who have had the chance to visit Spain recently. Summey travelled to Barcelona for two weeks this past summer and had the opportunity to speak with locals, visit used book stores, and purchase several works on various topics to help her better educate her students back at ASMS.

“I interviewed a few locals in the target language about daily life and current events, and I plan to use the interviews in activities sometime during the winter term” Summey says.

Summey plans to foster a creative, collaborative, and positive learning environment, while focusing on quickly identifying weaknesses and correcting them. Her goal is to “create lifelong learners and lovers of language,” in ASMS’s challenging, yet rewarding atmosphere.

“My students are fantásticos,” Summey says. “They are curious, intelligent, and most importantly, in a language classroom, not afraid to take risks. I value my students and my teaching experience very much at ASMS. The environment and students here inspire and allow me to challenge myself professionally.”

Not only does the ASMS Foreign Languages Department actively participate in exchange programs, but has plans to implement a dual enrollment program through the University of South Alabama (USA). This program is set up to allow advance students to take college courses on campus, while earning college credit. Not only will these students be enrolled at USA, but have full access to all their facilities and receive an official transcript from USA upon completion.

You can learn more about dual enrollment through USA here.

Picture below are ASMS Foreign Language instructors: Heather Summey, Chase Krebs and Muriel Hoequist

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