ASMS Student Published Her Novel at 16

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Many young women dream of publishing their own stories of far off lands and fictional beings that help you escape from reality. Well, ASMS Sophomore Anushka Sikdar did just that! At 16 years old, Sikdar published her first novel, The Isles of the Mist. In this fantastic fiction, Anya the main character, sets out on a grand adventure that intertwines two worlds. The nostalgic daydreaming and creating stories as a young person, will flood back into your conscious as you read Sikdar’s extraordinary work.

While the book was just published this Winter, Sikdar actually wrote The Isles of the Mist when she was only 14!

“I actually wrote the book a few years ago,” says Sikdar. “The challenge was finding a legitimate publisher who was willing to take a chance on me. We finished the publishing process shortly after I turned 16.”

Even at such a young age, Sikdar’s characters are not only well rounded, but Anya, her main character, shares some familiarity amongst fiction readers.

“Anya is a compilation of a lot of my favorite characters and a little bit of myself,” says Sikdar. “She’s made of Hermionie and Ginny (Harry Potter Series) but also June and Tris (Divergent Series). There’s a saying: an author always leaves a piece of themselves on the page. So, some characteristics of Anya–like her love for books and wild things–are derived from my interests.”

While this novel has many character traits the reader can relate to, it also brings about a very H.G. Wells-like setting, with two worlds intertwining.

“I have always loved the idea of book’s universes being real,” says Sikdar. “I like to think that Hogwarts and Neverland actually exists. That allure prompted to create a multiverse in which all books had a true location.”

You can find Sikdar’s The Isles of the Mist at Barns and Noble.

Featured photo by: Vasilisa Douglas

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