ASMS Welcomes Monika Rindle as French Adjunct Instructor

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ASMS welcomes Monika Rindle as the new French adjunct instructor. Rindle was born and raised in Germany, and is fluent in English, French, and German.

Rindle and her husband moved to Alabama last year, for his job at Airbus, a European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company. Since moving to Alabama, the Rindles have acclimated quite well.

“I love the hospitality in Alabama,” Rindle says. “When we moved here last year, we were overwhelmed by everyone wanting to help us as much as possible. We felt, and still feel, very welcome. And, of course, I like the weather and the beaches. Coming from a country in Northern Europe where it can be very cold in winter, I really love to spend time outside in winter without a coat.”

Rindle led the training department at Johnson & Johnson in Norderstedt/Germany and taught classes for TWI (Training Within Industry). She served in various positions while working at Johnson & Johnson for eight years. From 2000 to 2008, she was the Assistant to the Director of Scientific Affairs at Ethicon GmbH, Norderstedt.

“I liked my previous job because it brought me together with people having different educational backgrounds,” Rindle Says. “In our department, we trained management, as well as shop floor employees. The main difference will now be the age group. In my previous job, I exclusively trained adults who already had vocational training.”

Despite working mainly with adults, during her recent career, Rindle is excited to teach the advanced students at ASMS.

“Knowledge transfer, especially to the younger generation, and languages are my favorite topics,” Rindle says. “The job opportunity offered at ASMS is a perfect match for me.”

Since starting at ASMS this week, Rindle has been greeted with open arms.

“My first day was overwhelming,” Rindle says. “Everyone was so welcoming and very active to get me in the process flow as quickly as possible. I felt being part of the team from the very beginning. My plan for our students is to intensify their knowledge in French language and culture. My goal is to combine learning and having fun while ensuring a high level of education.”

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