Debate Team Wins Second at the Newman Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament

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Congratulations to ASMS senior, Salena Braye-Bulls, junior Beata Casiday, and senior Madeleine Dotson, for finishing second at the Newman Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament. These three students were the only World Schools team that went into finals with ZERO losses!

“Salena, Beata, and I spent the week before the tournament researching our motions and creating speech outlines,” Dotson says. “We had to prep for both sides, and we were able to use a lot of background we gained from our classes at ASMS.”

While the whole team placed second, Miss Braye-Bulls received 3rd place in speaker awards for individual performance in the rounds. She mentioned how well prepared she was, because of Mr. Commander’s leadership.

“Mr. Commander listened to our speeches, helped us construct argumentative cases, and gave us feedback at the tournament,” Braye-Bulls says. “He was very encouraging and was there every step of the way. He’s a phenomenal coach.”

“He is an amazing coach,” Dotson agreeing with Braye-Bulls. “He offered us advice before the tournament, and despite having to judge, was sure to meet us after each of our rounds. I don’t think we would have done so well without Mr. Commander’s constant support.”

The ASMS Debate team was one of two teams who did not receive a bye round, so they were debating from the moment the team arrived last Friday, until they left that Saturday night.

“Our big prepared motion for preliminaries was whether mandatory vaccine policies should be implemented, and we debated both sides of this issue,” Dotson says. “In finals, we debated the use of Income Share Agreements as a loan alternative. World Schools also has impromptu motions that we learn about right before the round and are given an hour to prepare with a dictionary. For those rounds, we debated a variety of things, from a sugar tax to reaching out to isolated peoples.”

In preliminaries, they defeated two teams that are coached by the person who runs World Schools on the national level!

“It was really awesome to do as well as we did at the tournament,” Casiday exclaimed. “It took a lot of time and work, but it was definitely worth it.”

Congratulations ladies!

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