Estudiantes de español tienen año escolar exitoso; Spanish Students Have a Successful Year

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The Foreign Languages department at ASMS contains some of the brightest students in our state. These students are not only exceeding at their other strenuous classes but are also learning another language.

The Spanish department at ASMS has been working overtime this term and adding to an already impressive repertoire.

ASMS junior Emily Hoke won 3rd place in the Spanish Foreign Language Essay contest hosted by Phi Sigma Iota at the University of South Alabama. This makes the 2nd year that Hoke has placed in the contest and the 4th year that ASMS has brought home a prize in Spanish.

In March 2019, the ASMS Spanish students took the National Spanish Exam and 16 students were recognized for their achievements.

Gold medalists include junior Brenli Pugh, sophomore Gary Duran, junior Melanie Calderon Bernuy, and junior Samantha Gutierrez.

Silver medalists include junior Frank Borrelli, junior Quaillinn Plotner, junior Madeleine Hope, sophomore Madison Pickens, junior Grayson Fulmer, sophomore Carson Lott, and senior Genevieve Eddy.

Bronze medalists include junior Preston Endom, sophomore Joseph Scillia, sophomore Desiree Turner, junior Emily Varnum, and senior Tommy Haigood.

Another achievement of the Spanish department at ASMS are the students who were awarded the Seal of Biliteracy. This achievement is given to those who complete the Spanish Grammar & Composition course sequence and pass a rigorous exam to demonstrate proficiency in all modes of communication in a second language.

The following students achieved this award, Bri Balasky, Lauren Barkey, Katelyn Caffey, Genevieve Eddy, Pia Gorme, Samantha Gutierrez, Emily Hoke, Michael Jones, Baylee Keevan, Gwynneth McCallister, Elicia Osigwe, Sophie Sebastiani, Benjamin Stimpson, and Jack Ward.

These students were honored with a certificate at the National Spanish Honor Society’s induction ceremony on Wednesday, May 8 at 4:30 PM in the ASMS Media Room. They will also have the Seal placed on their transcripts for college admissions and/or future employment.

The National Spanish Honor Society Induction Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 8 at 4:30 PM. Sixteen outstanding Spanish students were inducted: Jonathan Arroyo Tena, Lauren Barkey, Meadow Bellew, Melanie Calderon Bernuy, Madeleine Dotson, Gary Duran, Grayson Fulmer, Emily Hoke, Madeleine Hope, Kaelyn Leverett, Carson Lott, Mackenzie Parks, Madison Pickens, Marcella Todd, Emily Varnum, and Jack Ward.

Currently, the upper-level Spanish students are working on a collaborative project with Spanish students from Morgan Park Academy in Chicago. They are working virtually with students in another Spanish class to design, create, and publish a website on a Latin American Dictatorship. As part of the project, they are examining dictatorships through a variety of different social and political lenses to delve deeper into the motivations, methods, and consequences of various dictatorships.

Congratulations to the Spanish department and all their hard work!

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