Microbiology Students Create ‘Works of Art’ While Learning to Culture

By September 7, 2018 No Comments

ASMS Biology Instructor Dr. Natalie Ortell recently shared photos from her Microbiology class experiment titled “Microbes and Art Collide” as students learn how to culture.

“During a recent lab, students took samples from around campus, like the elevator button, and grew them on Petri dishes,” Dr. Ortell says. “Four different colors were isolated, pink, yellow, white, and orange, and those colors were used to ‘paint!'”

The students’ works of art will be submitted to the American Society for Microbiology Agar Art competition.

“We were able to combine Art and Biology in a really fun way,” ASMS senior Elicia Osigwe says. “I didn’t realize we could actually draw with microbes. Dr. Ortell has a fun way of really engaging students and grabbing the attention of visual learners.”

“I generally don’t like art, but cultivating bacteria to make art was pretty interesting,” ASMS junior Jon Dotson says. “Mine was a simple design at first, but I threw in a few microbes and it became a ‘masterpiece.'”

“Dr. Ortell promotes hands-on learning in our new Biology labs, and by doing the plate art with our classmates, we had a blast learning about microbes!” ASMS senior Lauryn Black says.

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