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Parent Announcements

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From the nurse’s office!

During the month of March, which marks the beginning of spring, tree pollen tops the list of most common allergens. Although our nice spring weather may lure you outside, if you have allergies, be sure to check the pollen count on the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology’s National Allergy Bureau website. The higher the pollen count, the worse your symptoms and reaction will be.

Along with flowers, April showers can, unfortunately, bring spring allergies. The blooming flowers’ pollen can mean great discomfort for people with spring allergies, including itchy, watery or red eyes; a stuffy or runny nose; and/or sneezing. In some areas of the United States, grass pollen arrives in April, too. Between flower pollen and grass pollen, spring allergies may make you feel especially miserable during this beautiful season.

If your student has an allergy and can self-administer his/her own allergy medication, please list the allergy and associated medication on the attached form. Please return this form after Mardi Gras break so we are prepared for spring! Also, if you have listed the medication on the dashboard, you do not need to send in this form. Your student will continue with the non-prescription/prescribed allergy medication as ordered.

Thank you!

Kathryn Kilcrease RN

From the PA

Save the Date! Registration Day is coming up on May 4th and parent volunteers help to make this day a success.

Legislative sessions begin next week, so if you haven’t already done so, please reach out to your legislators.  We are funded by the Alabama legislature, so our senators and reps need to hear about ASMS and our need for continued and increased funding. All families should have received an email from Mrs. Boatman regarding a legislative letter-writing campaign. The email contains more info, a sample letter you can customize, and contact information for legislators by area. The information is also posted on our PA Facebook group and linked below.

Legislative Appeal Packet February 2019

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Samantha Church, Director of Development, at schurch@asms.net or at 251-441-2171.

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