Senior Attends Engineering Camp at UC Berkeley

By September 20, 2018 No Comments

Brian Crear, a current ASMS senior from Livingston, Ala., attended an engineering camp this summer at the University of California, Berkeley. While in California, Crear was able to learn about Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering and participated in many hands-on projects, including a plan to create water tanks for the country of Ghana.

“This was a great opportunity for me to see what it is really like working as an engineer,” Crear says. “This experience gave me the chance to figure out what field of engineering I really want to go into when I get to college.”

Crear has decided that he would like to attend the University of Alabama in Huntsville or California University of Long Beach, to study Civil Engineering. He made this decision because of the professors at engineering camp this summer.

“The instructors talked about what each division was, the simple things, but what you would do in each field,” Crear says. “They also had us work out problems, that would help us visualize different [situations] in each field. That helped me decide what I wanted to do, which is become a Civil Engineer. I want to work with the more structural side of engineering.”

Not only did engineering camp help Crear decide his collegiate aspirations, but he also spoke of the benefits it would provide for his Physics classes during his senior year at ASMS.

“We got to be very hands on and learn a lot of the visual side of Engineering, which has helped me in Physics this year at ASMS,” Crear says.

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