Senior Interns with CPA, Consultant, CFO

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Jake Bowden, a current senior from small-town Samson, Ala., recently completed his internship with Brent McClure at The Exchange 202 in downtown Mobile.

“I want to become a forensic accountant/special agent for the FBI and use technology and accounting to solve large crimes,” Bowden says. “This internship helped me to see that I want to use financial information to find answers to problems.”

The internship mentor plays a very important role in the student’s field experience. McClure served as a great model to Bowden by sharing his knowledge and expertise.

“I’ve spent more than 20 years as a CPA, CFO, or consultant,” McClure says. “My work experience consists of 15 plus years in public accounting, as well as four years as the Chief Financial Officer for a privately held companies.”

“My public accounting client service experience includes emerging growth, middle market, and large multinational companies, both public and privately held, in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, construction, private equity, technology, professional and non-professional services, and others.”

During Bowden’s internship, he was able to perform a variety of hands-on activities in the fields of accounting and business.

“It was fun to learn all the different parts of the business industry,” Bowden says. “For example, I got some hindsight into the accounting field, the perspective of an investor looking at cash flow statements and balance sheet to determine if I should invest in that company, and an owner looking at the company’s financial statements in order to assess the profitability of the company and see what needs to be fixed. I also learned about certain financial softwares and how to use them to maximize efficiency.”

Because of this internship, Bowden says he has more confidence in what he wants to do for a career.

“I would honestly highly recommend this internship program to any ASMS student because you are getting so much out of it rather than just some learning experience,” Bowden says. “Through this program, you are able to network with other people and gain contacts, which may help you in the future. You are also able to get help with other skills you will need like ‘How do I create a resume?’ ‘What is a LinkedIn page and how can I use it to maximize my networking capabilities?’ or even ‘How do I communicate and collaborate with other professionals to get the job at task done?'”

“Being in the internship program has truly changed the course of my future for the better, because now I feel confident in what I want to do and have the skills necessary to go out and be successful.”

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