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Every year, students here at The Alabama School of Math and Science participate in Special Projects Week! Special Projects Week is a week in between winter term, and spring term and an opportunity for students to experience and learn about a new topic that they may be interested in. This week is a way to open the students to new ideas and have some fun along the way.

Every instructor at ASMS picks a topic to dedicate the week too. They then come up with a curriculum, and every day for a week, enrich the student’s lives that choose to take that class. These can range from quantum mechanics to the history of the ghostbuster’s films. Anything is up for grabs!

This year is no exception to the excitement. There are many exciting and interesting classes to take. One special project is “Everybody’s doin’ it!” With Mr. Commander. This special project includes the history of popular culture and its influence on music. This course will learn how to dissect music videos and learn how to decipher fads and lyrics in movies to try and distinguish the time. All in all, this special project is bound to get your feet moving, and your brain whirring!

Another special project is the annual school trip. Every year for special projects, a group of teachers schedules a big trip to somewhere in the world as cultural immersion. This year, Dr. Ortell and Mr. Robinson are taking a large group of kids to Costa Rica! For eight days, students will travel to this beautiful country and become attuned with the culture and biodiversity of this wonderful coastal nation. The activities included in the trip include horseback riding, surfing, rainforest tours, zip lining and many more. ASMS is excited to put our feet down in central America!

A special project tradition here at ASMS is the Habitat for Humanity special project. Coach Brouillet and Coach Jackson take a group of students around mobile to assist in building and restoring homes for people in our community. The students will learn about the value of volunteer work and the necessity of giving back to those in need.

A particular special project that students are excited about is the laboratory technician special project. Dr. Rambo will teach a small group of students the ins and outs of being a laboratory assistant, which can be vital for students who are interested in going into the STEM field in college. These students will learn safety measures, how to correctly handle chemicals and lab equipment, and provide support to main laboratory technicians. This can lead students to a career in laboratory work, which is something that a lot of students here at the Alabama School of Math and Science look forward too!

Dr. Smith and Mr. Barry will be teaching the history of ASMS as an ode to the 30th anniversary of its founding. Ms. Williams, a Mathematics instructor, will be taking a group of students to Atlanta for all-inclusive college tours; all centered around Atlanta.

With each new special project comes even more excitement and thrill. ASMS hold special projects very dear to its heart, and the tradition will live on and go down in ASMS history!


This article was written by Ben Cogar for the ASMS Marketing Team

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