2019 Special Projects was filled with lots of interesting classes. From the History of Popular Music to a trip to Costa Rica, there were a wide variety of choices and fun ways to spend the week.

One of the most popular was Curtains Up 2019! Taught by ASMS theater and choir instructor Martha Mozer, the class had one week to put together an entire play. Filled with lots of laughs and a case of stolen gym shorts, The Dullsville Mystery was a big hit among students.

“The play was amazing, and the cast was hilarious,” says ASMS junior and theater member, Ben Cogar. “It was the perfect way to start the new term!”

The play was set in Dullsville, USA where nothing interesting ever happened. One day, a pair of gym shorts went missing and the entire school tries to solve the case!

“I thought that the play was very well pulled together and a funny one,” says ASMS junior, Carlee Tate. “My roommate and I went to watch it on Monday, and it made our night entirely. The plot of the missing gym shorts, the little jab at ASFA, and things like that made it an enjoyable play that didn’t feel too serious and it encouraged a lot of audience involvement.”

Casting List:

Riya Patel
Kaelyn Leverett
Cary Xiao
Vincent Chen
Morgan Schall
Alaina Kelly
Michaela Granec
Desiree Turner
Alexis Craft
Emma Last
Megan Matthews
Lindsey Haas
Kyle Sackman
Jamiyah Peebles
Gabriel Coats



This article was written by ASMS Marketing Team Member, Zoe Blair.

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