Prom has been a high school tradition since the 1930s. It is a time where high school students join together dressed to the nines, dance all night and celebrate the senior class’s soon departure. With a celebration, comes dressing the part and some students cannot always afford a gown or tux, but The Royal Closet has the fix.

This organization’s mission is to provide local high school juniors and seniors in need the opportunity to attend their high school prom. This event is completely volunteer and donation driven and no cost to the students.

Founder, Heather Pfefferkorn, established The Royal Closet last year in Baldwin County.

“The idea was brought to me by two Mobile County Social Workers,” says Pfefferkorn. “The event had taken place in the past, but currently, no one was doing it. With over 6,000 students in need in Mobile County alone, we knew we needed to do something.”

ASMS Director of Student Services, Kara Whitney, provided the idea to ASMS students, so that they may utilize The Royal Closet.

“We found out about [The Royal Closet] last year from our Interim President when it was at Fairhope High School,” says Whitney. “This year I followed their Facebook page and found out it was right down the street from us at the Pillars, which was great! Before we would collect dresses from the community, our faculty, and staff coordinated a closet of our own. We weren’t always able to find dresses in the right size for the students and we ran into the issue of alterations. [The Royal Closet] has been such a blessing to our department as well because the kids have a much bigger selection and they do the alterations on site!”

ASMS senior Tatyana Alexander has found her prom dress at The Royal Closet two years in a row!

“I think the Royal Closet is a wonderful idea,” says Alexander. “It gives girls who don’t want to spend up to hundreds of dollars on a dress a chance to find one. It was really nice seeing a lot of the girls (and a few guys) [from ASMS] getting excited about finding an outfit for prom. It is a really beautiful environment with a lot of amazing, kind-hearted people.”

It is students like Tatyana that give The Royal Closet and its founder, Heather Pfefferkorn, a purpose.

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