Two Students Receive Prestigious SHH Awards

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Two ASMS students recently received prestigious awards through the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH). ASMS junior Alexandra Atchison received the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) Bertie Green Junior Travel Award, which honors 24 outstanding juniors each year from more than 2,600 SHH chapters. ASMS senior Victoria Corob received the SHH John Adams Senior Scholarship.

Pictured left to right – Victoria Corob and Alexandra Atchison

“I am so proud of both of students,” ASMS President Dr. Monica Motley says. “They have gone above and beyond in their academics and display a strong dedication specifically in area of Spanish.”

Atchison, who is from Mobile, Ala., will attend a 10 day, all-expense paid trip to Guatemala.

“Guatemala is a country rich in history, indigenous culture, and colorful artesanía,” ASMS Spanish instructor Patricia O’Farrill-Donalson says. “Additionally, the group will travel to Honduras, where they will experience the Mayan ruins of Copán.”

While in Guatemala, Atchison will explore Guatemalan culture engaging in activities such as a visit to the ancient ruins of Tikal, a World Heritage Site; a boat cruise on Central America’s deepest crater lake, Lake Atitlan, described by German explorer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt as “the most beautiful lake in the world;” a coffee plantation tour in Antiqua; and guided walking tours in the country’s capital, Guatemala City, as well as other indigenous villages, such as the colorful city of Chichicastenago.

“Winning this award was no small accomplishment,” O’Farrill-Donalson says. “Requirements for submissions to the award included a video recorded interview in which she, as the dominant speaker, discussed an aspect of Guatemala country and her motivation for learning Spanish. Likewise, she was asked to write a persuasive essay in Spanish in which she was asked to explore the question, ‘If granted the award, what aspect of Guatemalan culture you would most like to explore?'”

“I remember one of Alexandra’s many relevant remarks during the interview in which she expressed her desire to learn Spanish as a means for personal growth and not simply for building a resume. Throughout the interview, I was impressed by her thoughtful, yet spontaneous responses, her sincerity, and her obvious passion for the language.”

Corob, who is from Semmes, Ala., was one of a select group of students chosen to receive the SHH John Adams Senior Scholarship.

“Like Alexandra, Victoria was asked to deliver a taped interview and a persuasive essay, both in the target language,” O’Farrill-Donalson says. “In the taped interview, Victoria expounded eloquently on her motivation for continuing her study of the language. Likewise, in her essay, she delivered a very convincing response to the question, ‘How, as a citizen of the 21st century, can one use a second language to be a better global citizen and, in turn, to contribute in meaningful ways to one’s own community?’ Her responses in both the essay and the interview were spontaneous and well-articulated, and demonstrated a sincere interest in the language and its importance in becoming a global citizen.”

ASMS has a long history of excellence in academics and has maintained an active chapter of the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica since 1997. The ASMS chapter is called Los Goliardos.

The ASMS Spanish Department is proud of the accomplishments of these two outstanding students and thank them for the diligence and dedication to Spanish program.

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