Financial Information

There are several types of fees that must be collected by ASMS. The enrollment fee is collected prior to Registration Day. The Student Activity Fee is due by Move in Day or on the installment plan.

Payments for fees can be made through the online Parent Dashboard. Credit cards, personal checks, and money orders are accepted. Cash payments are not accepted.

School fees are as follows:

All Students

  • Student Activity Fee – $1400

Additional Fees

  • Enrollment Fee (new students only) – $150
  • PSAT for sophomores and juniors – $15
  • Graduation Fees for seniors – $175 (nonrefundable)

The Student Activity Fee covers covers expenses for activities outside the regular classroom such as trips, clubs, weekend events, prom, dorm parties, and athletic activities.

The Student Activity Fee must be paid in full by Move In Day. Any and all other payments will be placed on the school installment plan, which includes a 10% finance charge per term. Please see the installment plan listed below for more information.

The Enrollment Fee is due when the Enrollment form is returned by students who have accepted the invitation to attend ASMS.

Installment Plan

The Student Activity Fee may be paid on the installment plan. Payments in the following amounts are made according to the following schedule:

  • 1st Installment – Due by Move In Day – $514
  • 2nd Installment -Due by Nov. 5, 2017 – $513
  • 3rd Installment – Due by Feb. 26, 2018 – $513

Withdrawal from the School does not eliminate the liability to make all three payments. A fee of $25 is assessed for each late payment.