Residential Life

ASMS offers a comprehensive Residential Life program, which includes student government, athletics, clubs, and student publications.

Since all students live on campus, numerous opportunities exist for tutorials, guest lectures, field trips, and visits to local cultural events, as well as to educational and scientific institutions. While it is expected that ASMS students work hard, we expect them to play hard, too.

Extracurricular activities include: Mardi Gras Ball, Goofy Olympics, Spirit Week, Geekfest, movies, Stress Fest, on-campus swimming, intramural sports, restaurant trips, Winter Formal, shopping mall runs, Ultimate Frisbee, Prom, beach volleyball, weight lifting, dorm competitions, and much more.

Many of these activities are sponsored and organized by the Student Government Association, and therefore, students play a chief role in planning their own fun.

ASMS students are also committed to community involvement. Each year ASMS students collectively spend more than 4,500 hours volunteering their time throughout the Mobile area. Whether tutoring elementary students, helping with food drives, building Habitat for Humanity homes, rescuing animals, giving blood, or feeding the homeless, ASMS students understand the importance of giving back to their community.

The culture of volunteerism, so deeply ingrained at ASMS, is rooted in a concerted effort by the school to teach students that helping others is an important character trait in successful leaders. In fact, many students volunteer on a weekly or monthly basis.