ASMS has two dorms. The boys’ dorm is located across the street from the humanities building. The girls’ dorm is connected to the humanities and administration buildings by short walkways. Boys cannot enter the girls’ dorm and vice-versa.

Each dorm is split into four “halls,” which are named after famous scientists and mathematicians: Curie, Da Vinci, Einstein, and Newton. In the boys’ dorm, Da Vinci and Einstein halls are located on the ground level, while the Curie and Newton halls are on the second floor. Each hall branches off from the central lobby area. Rooms line each side of the hall. In the girls dorm, halls are distributed by floor level: Curie is on the fourth floor, Davinci is on the third floor, Einstein is on the second floor, and Newton is on the first floor. On each level of the girls dorm, the “halls” circle around the central lobby area. Rooms line the edges of the halls facing outward. There are common areas/lounges for students to use in socializing outside their rooms. A microwave, hot plates, coffee makers, small pots and pans and a TV are provided in these areas. Rooms come with their own set of furniture. Each student will have an extra long twin bed, a wardrobe, a desk, a chair, and a nightstand.

Every student on campus is required to have one roommate. It is part of the ASMS experience. Students have the option of requesting a roommate, but there is no guarantee that this request will be granted. Incoming students do not have the option of choosing a hall.

Room changes are an occasional change within ASMS dorm life. The Dorm Coordinator is in charge of pairing roommates, room changes, and anything else relating to dorm/residential life on campus.

Room changes occur at regular intervals during the year, primarily at the beginning of each term. If a student’s roommate withdraws from school, the student may be asked to change rooms to consolidate open space.

When a student arrives on campus, he/she will check the condition of his/her assigned rooms on The Room Condition Form. The student and a staff member will sign this form. The student will be held accountable for all missing furniture and damage done to their room; restitution charges or fees will be assessed.
Key: Each student will be issued one room key. It is the student’s responsibility to carry his/her key with him/her and to lock his/her room door at all times. If a student loses a key, there will be a $50 charge to have the key replaced. In addition the student may be required to pay a fee to change the door lock.

Students should bring:
a mattress pad
toiletry items
waste paper basket
laundry detergent
school supplies
alarm clock
Ethernet cable
Additional items that students find useful:
Refrigerators: The only approved appliance in the room is a small college type refrigerator (less than 5.0 cu. Ft. and 36 in. tall). Refrigerators must be emptied, cleaned and unplugged for breaks and holidays. Refrigerators must be kept clean, free of spoiled food and will be part of the room inspections.
a small floor rug
dry erase board for messages
laundry basket
drying rack for hand washables
reading lamp
**No duct tape is to be used on walls, doors or windows. Also, no holes are to be made in the walls when hanging items. Everything should be safely removable and not do any damage to the wall.

Items Not Permitted in Room:
Cooking appliances such as, microwaves, coffee makers, and grills. (If students would like to bring a coffee maker to school, they may keep the coffee maker in the lobby of their halls.)
Computer monitors larger than 21″. (diagonally)
Pets ( turtles, fish, hamsters, parrots, etc.)
Candles or incense.
Flammables or any equipment or material that may be dangerous or unhealthy.
Empty alcohol containers or alcohol advertisements, including posters, lights, stickers, etc.
Box cutters or pocket knives.

Students needing any repairs done in their room or wanting to report any damage to school facilities should email the Maintenance Department ( and carbon copy (Cc) the email to the Dorm Coordinator.

Each hall has a Hall Advisor (HA) and Residential Assistant (RA). These advisors live on the hall all-year-round, and organize hall events and competitions.
In addition to the adult leadership HA’s and RA’s provide, RLST’s are students who offer to help organize hall duties. RLST’s are in charge of administrating bathroom duty every night, where a daily assigned group cleans the halls and bathrooms.

During the week:
Students are allowed to leave the dorms at 7:00 A.M.
Students must return to the dorms by 9:00 P.M. for a dorm check.
Students must be in his or her room by 11:45 P.M. for a room check.