Hall Competitions

Every year, the great students of ASMS participate in the annual Spirit Week and Goofy Olympics! Newton (green), Einstein (red), Da Vinci (blue), and Curie (yellow) halls are all judged throughout Spirit Week on participation and creativity. Then, at the end of the week, Goofy Olympics commences. It is, simply, a field day on West Campus where the halls participate in the crazy hall competitions. The contests are chosen by the faculty and staff each year. There could be anything from tug of war to a magic carpet ride strategy game.In the past, there have also been food eating contests that included whipped cream and Hershey’s kisses!

The winner of Spirit Week and Goofy Olympics have the privilege of displaying the Goofy Olympics trophy on their hall until the following year when the champions are challenged again. It is a great experience for all students on campus. It is healthy competition outside of the classroom where students can expel energy and stress. Goofy Olympics provides a way for each hall to bond together and work as a team. It is not only a battle of strength, but a battle of strategy.