Off Campus

There are several options to go off campus. Every student needs to sign off before they leave campus, because it is the school’s top priority to keep them safe. Signing off helps the school keep a record for reference. Signing out pertains to any student that is riding off, walking, biking, jogging, or going to west campus. Whenever a student walks off campus, except to west campus, they need to follow the buddy system. Groups of two or more students are required.

Students are able to walk off or ride bikes off campus to anywhere in the nearby vicinity, to pick up groceries, get a snack, or simply to socialize. On weekends, this area extends from the neighborhood to downtown Mobile. Walking off times range from after noon, to 5:30 P.M. – 7:00 P.M., depending on the season. Because it gets darker earlier in the winter, walking off times are limited to accommodate this change in daylight.

To walk off, a student must go to the front desk and “sign out”. “Signing out” comprises of writing down your name, destinations, partners, and estimated return time. A student must also not be on the campus restriction list to walk off.

Students may ride off-campus to either go home, on walmart, food, or mall “runs”, or to organized events. Seniors also gain the privilege of riding off to wherever they want on Wednesday afternoons. The process for a student to ride off-campus is very simple. A student must go to the front deck and “sign out”. “signing out” comprises of writing down your name, destination, driver, and estimated return time. If the driver is not an authorized staff member, such as a student or a parent, the driver’s name must be on the student’s ride off list. To add someone to the ride off list, the parent or guardian of the student must email or go to the school and add the driver to the list.

Students may check out to go home for any non-required weekends. With written permission from parents/guardian, a student also may spend the weekend with friends or relatives. On certain Saturdays and weekends, however, students are required to stay on campus. These weekends are listed on the calendar. Checking out on weekends follows a slightly different routine from riding off and walking off, but a similar form is out on at the front desk on Friday – Sunday.

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