Work Service

Work service is a program on campus that requires each student to complete two hours of service every week. The program is designed to keep students informed and involved about things on campus. At the beginning of each term, coordinating with their schedule, students are required to meet with their work service supervisor and set two specific times during the week when the work service will be completed.

At the end of the week, all students are required to fill out a work service form stating that they have completed their two hours for the week. Students fill out their part of the form, then take it to their work service supervisor to get it signed, then return it to Mrs. Joyce Boatman in Student Services. This creates responsibility and time management skills for the students. It also make them aware how much goes into keeping this campus clean.

Students are assigned to a specific faculty or staff member on campus. The mentors will designate what needs to be done, including activities such as research, organization, cleaning, etc. All returning students also have to complete two hours of work service each week and have to fill out a work service form signed by their supervisor.

Some students on campus are part of the Residential Life Support Team (RLST). This takes up a large chunk of time for these selected students. They are required to help schedule and run hall activities and bathroom duty. These selected students do not have a specific work service supervisor because being an RLST is considered their work service.

If Work Service is Not Completed 
If the correct amount of work service hours are not complete on time, the student can and will be placed on campus restriction. This means that they are not allowed to leave campus for any reason such as Wal-Mart runs or walking off campus. Once the hours missed are made up, they are taken off restriction. However, if the problem of not completing work service continues, further punishments will be put in place. A meeting with the President, Dr. Motley might also be scheduled to discuss the lack of work service hours.